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Leider sind die Changelogs nur in Englisch verfügbar, wer Lust und Zeit hat, kann diese gerne für uns übersetzen.


Patch Notes


- Fixed the changelog ingame to be the correct version

Version 1.0.3

Darkwood Vale

- Removed two neutral spawns, replaced them with outposts - Replaced two of the higher tier neutral camps with tier 1 neutrals - Outermost towers are now level 1 towers (instead of level 2)

  • This means they will do slightly less damage and less starting health, same as the outer most towers on Caldavar

- Lowered building health on this map by 25%, lowered ranged rax health regeneration rate by 25% (these changes only affect the darkwood vale map) - Moved some trees to allow better ward spots to cover runes


- Players will no longer see trees die in fog

  • Meaning, juking with Logger's Hatchet / Runes of Blight is now much more fun!

- Added an interface option for "Double Activate." When enabled, certain items and abilities may be double-clicked (or double-activated) for automatic use:

  • Homecoming Stone and Post Haste teleports you home
  • Health Potions and Mana Potions are used on self
  • Tablet of Command, Stormspirit, Charged Hammer, and Nullfire Blade are used on self
  • Portal Key blink towards home
  • Grace of the Nymph, Inner Light, Protective Charm, Camouflage, Nature's Protection, Arcane Hide, Healing Wave, Cursed Shield, Fire Shield, Frenzy, and Focus Buffer are used on self

- Added new game interface option "Move To Spawn On Disconnect"

  • When enabled, the server will automatically issue a move command to your hero to move back to base whenever you crash, freeze, or lose your internet connection

- Added new keybind: "Cancel And Hold Position"

  • Functions exactly like "Hold Position", except it also cancels animations
  • Players who want this functionality can replace their current Hold keybinding with the new Cancel and Hold keybinding

- A unit in the air no longer gains the 25% "uphill miss chance" evasion

  • Units stunned by Witch Slayer or Magmus or tossed by Pebbles won't gain extra evasion
  • Couriers and Tundra bird won't gain extra evasion

- Health and Mana bars for heroes will now show the damage they take

  • This new 'shadowed' bar can be turned off in the options menu

- If the player drag-selects, and the current active control entity is not a hero, and the selection contains a hero, then the active control entity will become the first hero in the selection.

  • This allows players to drag-select ophelia + her creeps and ALWAYS have Ophelia as active, regardless of the last active unit.

- Scorescreen now contains voting options (kick, pause, concede, remake) and add friend functionality - The camera will no longer shake when an effect (such as homecoming stone) is played in fog - Fix to properly calculate a player's exp/min, even if he reached max level - Neutral creep agro range for allc reeps set to 300 (some were 250, some were 300) - Vulture Lord now has a +3 AOE armor aura - Fix to Kongor so he won't wonk out and no one can hit him anymore - Added a visual effect for Main health bars, they now course with energy - Modified the internal random number generator to use a much higher quality distribution of random number - Dual target abilities now properly ignore trees if their target scheme ignores them - Hero health/mana bars are now shadowed with 500ms delay on the shadows - Gold lerps to its actual value over 350m - Toggles are correctly propagated to illusions

  • Fixes illusion steamboots, illusion fayde stance, etc


- Added "Potential Hero Selection" functionality

  • At the hero selection screen, you can right-click on any hero to make it your "Potential Hero"
  • Spectators and anyone on your team can see your potential hero (the enemy team can't)
  • If you run out of time, you will select that hero rather than randoming

- Prevent the "5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Let's get it on" countdown from happening after the hero selection screen - Loading bar now courses with energy - The game lobby will no longer display the message "PlayerName has connected." once for their initial connection, and again when they have finished loading

  • It will now say "PlayerName is connecting." and "PlayerName has connected." to distinguish the different events

- Set the max channel chat message (250), max game chat message (150), chat channel topic (140), and channel name length (30). - Channel messages will only play sounds when receiving a message in the current channel that has focus

  • This fixes all the sounds that used to play when a user was in multiple channels at the same time

- The channel name + topic area of the channel is now truncated off properly and no longer wraps off the panel onto the rest of the UI for long channel topics - Added a hovertip to the channel name + topic so if the topic is 95+ chars, if you hover over it it displays the full topic, similar to how long game names work in the Public Game interface - The game lobby will now play the epic lobby.mp3 music - Moved the voip mute button/icon things to the small colored circle to the side of the player slot (which normally is only used for the right-click menu) in all game phases

  • The normal right-click menu (which is only available pre-hero-picker) now occupies the same spot used to show the player's avatar/left-click to join button)


- Fixed a bunch of random crashes caused from clicking the "Disconnect" button

  • Before, clicking the button had a small random chance to corrupt a random place in memory that caused you to crash at a random time doing something random

- Updated the wording of some of the tooltips to be a bit more clear - When viewing a player's stats, "Public Statistics" is now selected by default (previously "Ranked Statistics") - Prevent a buddylist bug when the user loses connection to the chat server, then reconnects to the chat server - Russian stringtables updated - Fixed lock camera on player not turning off after a replay - Profanity filter is now optional - Follow fix: If two players are following each other and one of them joins a game, the other one will now join that game instead of both of them disconnecting - Fixed a spelling error in the matchmaking interface - Fixed crash when CLIPBOARD selection is unowned and an attempt is made to paste - Fixed an issue that disconnected a user if they typed a player's name into the IM window - Fix to the close button of the MOTD so you can click it easier - Fixed mousewheel events not having the correct coordinates in windowed mode - Re-organized the options menu slightly - The game list is no longer cleared when closed

  • The list will only auto-refresh when it is opened for the first time or a game starts

- Fixed Official Stats or No Stats showing up when you invite someone to a game - Removed cast time on Taunt


Courier - Will now be attacked by Towers and the Well

Geometer's Bane - Grants 0.1sec invulnerability on activation

Hellflower - Damage increased from 40 to 45

Plated Greaves - Will no longer apply it's buff to Wildsoul's bear

Puzzlebox - Recipe increased from 1100 to 1250

Shrunken Head - Added to the tooltip that it cannot be dispelled

Steamstaff - Price lowered to 800 from 900

Stormspirit - No longer silences or perplexes, just stuns

  • This allows you to queue up orders while under it's effects


- Maliken, Warbeast, and Wildsoul transformations will no longer act stupid when Dark Lady Ults - Valkyrie Arrow, Devourer Hook, and Voodoo Casks will no longer hit couriers

- Added new Legion Strength hero, Tundra

  • Based on Rexxar the Beastmaster from DotA

Accursed - Fire Shield dispels stuns once again - Flame Consumption will no longer automatically activate below 400hp. Must be cast manually.

  • This means that silences/stuns/etc will prevent Accursed from triggering his ult

- Staff of the Master now lets Accursed use Flame Consumption while silenced

Arachna - Spider Sting will no longer stand there like a dummy if a hero blinked while the projectile was midair

Behemoth - Initial 200/275/350 Magic damage on Shockwave is now Superior Magic, meaning it will go through magic immunity

Bubbles - Shell Surf vision increased from 600 to 800 units and now keeps granting vision if it goes the max distance for 3.34 seconds. - Fixed a bug with Shell Toss that was resetting the cooldown incorrectly - Song of the Sea now hits units in fog and invisible units - Take Cover no longer perplexes - Kelp Field will no longer deal damage or stun magic immune heroes

Chipper - Attack time increased from 350ms to 450ms

Corrupted Disciple - Electric Tide now is now correctly displayed when originating from a position within fog

Deadwood - Base strength increased from 23 to 25 - Base Armor increased from 2.24 to 2.74 - Creeps will no longer dispel the tree

Engineer - Fixed the Turret's attacks eating Nullstone - Tinker cooldown increased from 15 to 20 - Tinker manacost increased from 25 to 50

Forsaken Archer - Call of the Damn's skeletons will no longer trigger neutrals to use their abilities

Gauntlet - Infernal Instability now has an instant cast time - Cast range on Grapple increased from 625/800/975/1150 to 725/850/975/1150

Hammerstorm - Mighty Swing can now be toggled on and off

Hellbringer - Base armor lowered from 2.4 to 1.4 - Life Void cooldown increased from 7 seconds to 10 seconds

Magmus - Volcanic Touch now correctly deals damage to Mechanical units

Maliken - Fixed tooltips - Possession manacost lowered from 150 to 100

Nymphora - Number of people taken with her Teleport increased from 0,1,2 to 1,2,3 additional targets per level

Pandamonium - Slow from missing a Cannonball lowered from 4s to 2s

Pollywog Priest - Max distance of Electric Jolt lowered by 200

Pyromancer - Phoenix Wave can now target both units and the ground

Sand Wraith - Using Manifest no longer kills all active illusions

Soul Reaper - Added to the ult tooltip to correctly state the cooldown changes to 70s at all levels with it

Soulstealer - Fixed the "being knocked down" while using an item bug

Succubus - Fixed a bug causing sleep to sometimes be removed instantly by a creep - Succubus' Hold cooldown lowered from 120s at all levels to 120/110/100

Swiftblade - Base movespeed increased from 300 to 305 - Returned attack no longer triggers responses like Corrupted Disciple's Static Discharge

Valkyrie - Javelin will now leave lingering vision if it hits nothing - Tweaked Prism to correctly hit invulnerable allied heroes

Wildsoul - Damage when the bear dies now properly goes through immunities - Updated his tooltip to reflect that he takes damage when his bear dies - Beardulon abilities reworked very slightly

  • Gains Return at level 1
  • Gains Entangling Claws at level 2
  • Gains Demolish at level 3
  • Gains Magic Resist at level 4

- Wild cast time removed, letting him cast it on the run - Base movespeed while in Bear Form increased from 270 to 285

Wretched Hag - Bat Blast can now target both units and the ground

Zephyr - Cyclone damage halved against non-hero units

Version 1.0.2

- Marchers are now in the outpost - Fixed Plated Greaves not working. - Implemented functionality for "Buy All Components"

  • Clicking this button will attempt to purchase all components and sub-components needed to complete the recipe.

- Fixed several stringtable entries - Fixed blockers behind the Legion fountain to help people who teleport back there - Updated some cliffs so wards will not sink into them anymore - Fixed "Helm of the Black Legion" appearing incorrectly on the shop due to it's length - Tweaked some weirdness with collisions in the pathing code - Fixed the pause dropdown so it now has the correct title

- Following functionality added: Right click on a buddy or clanmate and select "Follow" to follow them. You will join and leave any games they join or leave until you unfollow them, quit the game, or are in a game that starts.

  • Thanks to __VIking for the idea

- Players attempting to re-connect to servers they got disconnected from will no longer be unable to join them due to PSR restrictions for times when they have recently played a game and their PSR was not updated before connecting to the server. - Fixed matchmaking to auto focus the channel they join in on - Removed the "stats reset by release" notification from the reset stats form - Fixed an issue where blank lines would appear on IMs when one of the players chatting would join or leave a game. - Fixed a bug where the No Stats icon would not show up in notifications for games that were "No Stats" - The game will no longer display an additional disconnect message indicating that the hero was removed and assets distributed to their team when a player with no team is kicked from the game - Rearranged the icons on the bottom of Public Games interface to make more space and fix alignments - Updated Min/Max PSR Filter to be a little more lenient, for example selecting <1500 and >1600 now checks if it the server is <=1500 or >=1600. - Tweaked the Public Game interface so that it can now display the actual advanced game options when hovering over the "Advanced Options" icon - Added a "Hide Restricted Games" option to the Public Game interface

  • When enabled any games a player is ineligible for due to having a leaver status or having a PSR outside the range of that game will be hidden
  • Credit to Bangerz for the implementation

- Added the Premium Account icon to the Icon Key tooltip - Added more ping filter values (from a max of 270 to a max of 360) and added more PSR values (1900 and 1950). - Added game hint indicating players can disable notifications in game via the options menu - Logging in with "Invisible Mode" will now always bring focus to the "Status" channel, previously it wouldn't the first time logging in - Removed requirement to enter a reason when banning someone via "/bl add nickname", it now defaults to the reason "None" if none is specified - Fixed an issue where the banlist reason was not updated properly unless the player logged out first - Using "/r" will only reply to the last whisper received, and will no longer reply to the last buddy or clan whisper


- Added maximum spread setting for matchmaking

  • This will ensure that you are not forced to play with players far above or below your rating

- Restrict matchmaking regions to just USW, USE, EU - Improve tracking of matchmaking failure rates and player disconnections


Bubbles - Fixed a glitch when you had a body effect on and threw the shell - Can now use Shell Surf's teleport while under the effects of Take Cover - Take Cover now triggers off tower hits - Initial radius of Kelp Field changed from 600 to 400

Chipper - Rocket Barrage damage reduced from 105/130/155/180 to 85/115/145/180 - Sawblade Showdown cooldown set to 50 seconds at all levels (from 60/45/30)

Fayde - Stances will no longer reset when she dies

Gauntlet - Completely reworked, still a dev hero. Let us know what you think on the forums.

Night Hound - Updated the tooltip for Smoke Bomb to explain that he cannot attack towers while in the cloud

Scout - Marksman Shot will no longer place an infinite life state on the target

Version 1.0.1

   - Fixed average wait time and percent successful matches stat tracking for matchmaking
   - Added some matchmaker logging
   - Fixed substitutions not working properly
   - Tweaked some oddities in the pathing code
   * Heroes might ’stick’ on each other slightly again. We are developing a more permanent solution
   - Toggling autocast and attack abilities no longer interrupt any current actions
   Harkon’s Blade
   - No longer stacks with Lifeleech & other attack modifiers
   Nome’s Wisdom
   - Recipe cost from 600 to 200
   Plated Greaves
   - The activated effect can now apply to all allied non-hero units (including player controlled units).
   - Recipe cost from 1000 to 1100
   Added New Legion Int hero, Bubbles, inspired by Puck the Faerie Dragon
   * Fun Fact: The voice of this hero was recorded by Robert Jadah, who also voiced Morla The Thousand Year-Old Turtle for ‘The Neverending Story’
   - Un-Dev
   - Fixed Recommended Items
   - Base armor lowered by 2
   - Demonic Pathogen silence from 1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds to 1/2/3/4 seconds
   - Demonic Pathogen damage from 100 magic DPS to 60 magic DPS
   - Corpse Conversion cooldown from 30 to 20
   - Gold bounty from minions from 21/26/36/41 to 10/13/18/20
   - Minions now have 3 Magic Armor
   - Now takes 30 seconds for charges on his ult to start disappearing
   - His ultimate now gains 0.6 charges per 1% of enemy mana spent (increased from 0.5)
   - Blood Sense now grants full vision of low HP targets
   - Uproot’s Mana Cost from 60 to 30
   - Uproot’s charges from 5/6/7/8 to 5 at all levels
   - Willowmaker now casts 100ms faster
   - Armor from 1.96 to 2.96
   - Base STR from 22 to 20
   - Base INT from 19 to 21
   - Scythe Stance now causes Cull to stun and Burning Shadows to destroy mana
   - Shadow Stance now causes Cull to destroy mana and Burning Shadows to stun
   - Fayde now starts in Scythe Stance by default (This makes Reflection deal Physical damage by default, even when stances are unleveled)
   - STR growth from 2.5 to 2.1
   - AGI growth from 1.0 to 1.2
   - INT growth from 2.7 to 2.9
   - Armor from 1.8 to 2.8
   - Stalk cooldown lowered by 1
   - Grace of the Nymph now only dispels from player-controlled unit damage
   - Teleport no longer displays graphic/sfx to enemies when in fog
   - Cannonball now snares by 60% for 4 seconds instead of stunning when missed
   - Toxin Wards now have 1/1/2/2 charges for placement, decreased from 1/2/2/3
   - Toxin Wards attack effect changed from -10% Movespeed to -25 Movespeed at all levels
   - Fixed tool tip of Toxin Wards displaying the incorrect amount of health
   - Counter-Attack no longer uses real attacks, meaning it will not trigger things like critical strike, life steal, or Frostburn. It now simply deals damage equal to Swiftblade’s base attack damage.


- Fixing a minor UI issue with the new F6 menu while ingame

Version 1.0.0

Release Build

- Fixed terminating players properly ingame when they left - Fixed disconnection caused by the terminated player message - Fixed upside down taskbar icon under Linux - Fixed matchmaking giving improper point values - Fixed the black and white box when picking a dev hero - Fixed MinPSR/MaxPSR not being reset back to 0 when a game ends - Rate of passive income is now adjusted when a player terminates (Higher with less players) - Cleaned up create game dialog - Added a frame that holds the disconnect button on the loading screen - Updated tooltip description for hardcore mode so it doesn’t say items are dropped - Tweaked Linux resource auto-reloading

Balphagore - Minions spawned by Balphagore’s ult will now die if their target dies - Won’t eat Items, Wildsoul’s Bear, or Mechanical units anymore

Version 0.3.6

Game Modes

- Added Dev Hero Mode

  • When enabled, Dev Hero Mode allows work-in-progress “development” heroes to be played
  • All future S2 Hero additions are going to be added as “dev heroes,” this allows us to get feedback on a large scale and evaluate balance before including the hero in the stable hero pool
  • Dev hero mode must be enabled when hosting games. It can be filtered in the game list. Dev heroes will not be used in matchmaking or competitive tournaments

- Added new advanced game option “Tournament Rules”

  • When enabled, allows the host to specify in the game lobby which team gets first ban
  • Only affects BP and BD gamemodes

- Added “Hardcore Mode” advanced game option

  • No passive gold/sec gain
  • A creep/hero deny results in 0 experience for the enemy team
  • A tower deny results in 0 gold for the enemy team

- “Item Drop” advanced game option now drops all items on death.

  • Items dropped on death cannot be picked up by couriers, sold, or killed on the ground.
  • Items dropped on death can be picked up and used by anyone.

- Added 5 seconds to each players pick time in Random Draft (25 -> 30) - Added 5 seconds to transition between bans and picks in Random Draft (15 -> 20)

Important Bug Fixes

- When using Runes of Blight on a tree, heroes will now approach from the correct side. (Will now no longer go all the way around a tree to eat it) - Heroes are much less likely to keep blocking each other as they try to run past each other (HUGS!) - Fixed ability tooltips sometimes getting stuck on screen - Fixed an issue causing buying while dead to sometimes not work - Abilities used from in the fog will no longer originate from the 0,0 position

  • This includes Devourer’s Hook, Electrician’s Grip, Pollwog Priest’s Tongue Tied, Puppet Master’s Puppeteer’s Hold and Voodoo Puppet, and Witch Slayer’s Mana Drain

- Fixed sound system/voicemanager interactions that were causing crashes upon sound system restart - You can now drop an item into an inventory spot with a building under it

Matchmaking 2.0

- Matchmaking has received some serious revisions that should drastically improve match making quality. Please help us further perfect our match making system by giving it a try and leaving feedback on the forums

  • Reworked how matches are formed to more consistently replace players who fail to load and to decrease time to find matches for players with exceptionally high or low SMR ratings
  • Players new to matchmaking must complete 5 provisional matches, in which they will be matched with other new players. If not enough new players are available, they will eventually be matched with regular players.
  • Players new to matchmaking have the option to set their initial SMR according to general skill level. The three options are Beginner (1300), Intermediate (1500), and advanced (1700).
  • Solo matchmaking now uses Banning Draft instead of Banning Pick

Ingame Changes

- Added a new keybinding: Direct Pathing

  • When held down and an order is given (Move, Attack, Cast, etc) will move the hero in a direct path towards where you click no matter what is in the way. Ignores cliffs, heroes, and creeps. Useful for chasing through the woods or pushing yourself against a cliff to cast into the river!

- Re-arranged some of the shop to put modifers into the correct (bottom) shop. This includes all lifesteal items. Brutalizer and Lightning items are now in the Combat shop. Be wary of your hotkeys! - If you buy an item on a courier then transfer that item to your hero, you can now sell that item for its full value within the 15sec sellback period - Added game option “Minimap Rightclick” (default on). When disabled, the player cannot rightclick on the minimap. - The game will no longer display an incorrect disconnect message indicating that the hero was removed and assets distributed to their team if the disconnected player was a referee or spectator - Fixed disconnect messages appearing twice when a player disconnects in game - Calling a vote to remake, pause or kick (through the console) before the pre-match game phase will no longer work. (ie. only after the players are loaded into the map can they call these.) - If displaying chat timestamps were enabled in game, various game messages sent to both teams were not being timestamped (disconnects, Kongor kills, Barracks destruction, etc). These messages now display the timestamp properly if the client has this option enabled. - New death for the legion main building - Finally took down our Christmas lights… - New Hellbourne sounds and effects for buildings - Random small chest sound/model fixes - The game option “Show exp numbers” is now on by default for new installations. - Added an option “Center Camera on Respawn” that allows users to toggle whether or not the camera will automatically focus on their hero after respawning - Unpause now plays a noise so players are aware - Fixed some neutral NPC sounds playing globally - Updated map to remove texture seams - Added a visible ‘corpse’ for NPCs dying - Heroes can no longer pickup runes while stunned - Referees are now treated as spectators

  • Fixes the fog issue, allows them to see the scoreboard, allows them to talk with other referees and spectators

- Added some environmental sound effects on Caldavar - Double Tap returns! - Fixed the sound bug where muting someone might not always work - Restrict most actions while the game is paused - Fixed the “Share All” courier button to reset its state at the start of every game - Fixed a bug that occurred when spectators used the “Disable Fog of War” or “Lock Camera” options would see those settings carry over into the the next game they joined or played - Fixed some tooltips for items in the shop - Fixed spectators at 1920×1080 resolution

Pre-Game Changes

- Hero icons no-longer react to mouseovers/clicks when there’s no hero - The loading race values now start at 1 and end at 10, the old race values should no longer appear when loading the next game - Pressing ALT in the game lobby will now toggle the chat mode between “Team” and “All” chat modes. - Moved the Ping/Players/Version labels in the game lobby a bit to the right as we weren’t making use of the space and server names with long names like those we use for South Africa overlapped into these labels - Voice chat indicator/mute button shows up in the hero picker/etc. now (on the inner side of the hero name) - Pressing the “All/Team” button in the game lobby will now set focus to the chat input line - Lobby now has sounds for actions (kick, join etc) - Increase the max spectator slots to 10 - Fixed the Alternate Picking crash - The host option “Disband” has been changed to “Disconnect”, Upon disconnecting the game server will assign another player as the host and print a message to the game lobby indicating the transfer of hosting privileges

General Changes

- Replays now begin recording during the picking phase - Removed the “Tier” filters, columns and inputs from the game browser and create game interface - Added filters, sortable columns and all inputs for Min/Max PSR to the game browser and create game interface

  • Players may now specify a Min/Max PSR range when creating a game. Min/Max PSR games will appear normally as they would in the game browser and other players may join a game if their PSR falls within 2% of the range the game server Min/Max PSR is set to. (This means a player with 1471 PSR should be able to make it into a game marked Min 1500, and a 1734 player would be able to join a game marked as Max 1700, but those are the very edge of the 2% tolerance, so anything higher or lower would be rejected.)

- Games outside of a player’s PSR range are grayed out in the game browser similar to the way “No Leaver” games appear to a player with leaver status. If no range is specified when the game is created then no range is enforced. If a player is invited to a game, the server ignores the PSR restrictions for them allowing friends to play in games they may not normally be able to be playing - Added Min/Max PSR to the /gi or /gameinfo commands - The players PSR is now retrieved stored locally on the client when logging in, and is accessible through the UI_CMD() GetPSR() - Removed the ticks, grinds, and blips and whatnot that were playing when the game started up - Added an option “Disable Background Effects” that allows users to toggle whether or not all the background lobby effects and animations are played. (Credit to Pancakeslp for the original mod) - Fixed some buddy request/add notifications playing sounds a bunch of times when logging in if a player had those notifications saved in their history - The Notification Duration slider under options->interface now sets the duration (1-15 seconds) a notification is displayed for - Fixed a number of incorrectly labeled tooltips on the options menu. Disabled the “Health/Mana Bar Scale” in the options - Removed the “Options” menu from the F10 in game menu - Fixed “Add PlayerName” buttons on options menu to align properly and correctly add the player clicked on - Increased max size of joinable channels to 30 - Using the slash command /join <channelname> “password” will now attempt to join the channel with the password specified. (Anything in between the quotes at the end becomes the password) - Fixed some issues in the client/interface causing the change password dialogue to not work - Fixed the lock/unlocked tooltip for hosts to display the correct tip (was previously showing the opposite tooltip it should have been showing) - Players can now select Logon/Logoff and Join/Leave Game notification settings for clan members separately from the notifications they select for their friends - Fixed an issue where notifications were not being saved to the history properly - Fixed the default notification time to be 10 seconds instead of 10000 - Updated sub-account description - Removed “Show Menu Transitions” from the options menu as the option is not currently being used - Fixed iris closing sound being heard on disconnect - Fixed “/r” to not reply to a clan whisper automatically with “/c m”, instead it will reply directly to the sender with a “/w PlayerName” just like how “/b m” works - Trying out new color for the selected item in listboxes - Fixed the “Show Winner” button on the match stats screen to correctly display and announce the team who won - Fixed sound driver list sometimes showing the current driver incorrectly

  • This means the sound system will only restart if it is indeed necessary

- Fixed a couple places where linux system class was using incorrect character conversions - Added console command “precacheworld <mapname>”. So for example type “precacheworld caldavar” to precache its resources - Removed cvar browser_maxPing as it was not being used - Invisible Mode will now remember its state the next time the game re-loads - Players in “Invisible Mode” will no longer auto join default HoN or Clan channels when leaving a game, allowing them to properly remain in a hidden state - Clicking on the clock in the system bar now toggles between 12 hour and 24 hour display - Re-arranged Public and Create Game interfaces to make more space and added icons/checkboxes for the new “Hardcore” and “Dev Heroes” game options - Moved “Alt Hero Picking” on the Create Game interface to an Advanced Option, which is what it is actually categorized as


Bananas - Can now be sold for 500 gold

Doombringer - Can no longer be transferred to your stash, manually dropped on the ground, or given to teammates.

Frostburn - Snare is now 5% a charge and stacks 3 times

Frostwolf Skull - Recipe cost increased by 500

Geometer’s Bane - Now spawns illusions in a triangle and randomizes the position of the hero on use

Nome’s Wisdom - Rebalanced

  • Strength lowered from 6 to 4
  • Agility lowered from 6 to 4
  • Intelligence lowered from 16 to 14
  • +Damage lowered from 10 to 6
  •  % Mana Regen removed
  • Aura armor lowered from 4 to 3
  • Healing from the Aura tweaked so that if the healing exceeds your max health, a shield of equal value is applied for 10 seconds.

Nullfire Blade - Fixed so it can now properly dispel Jeraziah’s Protective Charm - Recipe will sell for the correct value again

Plated Greaves - Cooldown increased to 30s, duration lowered to 15s - AOE effect now grants +20% damage but only affects allied non-player controlled creeps - AOE effect no longer grants armor

Stormspirit - Can now target all heroes (allied and enemy). Can no longer target Kongor.

Tokens - Can no longer be sold


- Added Balphagore as a dev hero. Must host games with the dev hero option enabled to play him

  • Feedback on this hero is appreciated, as we are still fine-tuning balance and making necessary adjustments

Behemoth - Fixed weird shadows with Fissure

Blacksmith - Fixed some issues with multicast and Frenzy

Chipper - Voice added. Nuts. - Tar Toss will no longer apply its slow to Magic Immune units - Sawblade’s staff of the master upgrade no longer provides a static 70% movement speed slow. Instead, units who walk into the saw blades will have a 4 second snare applied to them that starts at 90% and quickly reduces in strength over the duration. - Sawblade Showdown won’t slow couriers anymore

Deadwood - Clearcutting now causes trees to die with a cooler animation.

Madman - Barrel Roll will once again grant invulnerability during the duration of the roll

Magmus - Lava Surge once again provides invulnerability during travel time

Engineer - Ult to 85s at all levels from 90/75/60

Fayde - Voice added - Updated description - A ton of effect changes - Slice renamed Cull - Illusions from Burning Shadows now attacks much faster - Illusions from Burning Shadows are back to full size - Illusions from Burning Shadows can no longer be selected or show healthbars - Cooldown on switching between Scythe and Shadow Stance removed - Fayde now starts in Shadow Stance - Charges on Shadow/Scythe Stance increased to 2,3,4,5 - Reflection

  • Manacost increased to 150,175,200 from 150
  • Duration changed to 30,35,40 from 40 at all levels
  • Reflection stealth state will no longer have charges that do nothing
  • Shadow Cripple now reduces all healing on the target by 50% while it’s active
  • Shadow Cripple is no longer dispellable

Glacius - Updated Ice Imprisonment tooltip to explain that it lasts 10 seconds when casted on creeps

Keeper of the Forest - Updated Root effect to match the area better

Legionnaire - Added custom sounds for his charge

Maliken - Updated recommended items

Ophelia - Command will no longer give the bonus HP to couriers she has bought or to heroes/herself in weird situations

Pandamonium - Voice added

Plague Rider - Voice added

Pollywog - Units under the effects of Morph can no longer evade or deflect attacks - Cooldown of Wards changed from 110/95/80 to 100

Pyromancer - Fixed a bug causing ult to trigger Nullstone twice (causing the cool down to decrease too much)

Soul Reaper - Rewrote some tooltips

Witch Slayer - Units under the effects of miniaturization can no longer evade or deflect attacks - Fixed a bug causing ult to trigger Nullstone twice (causing the cool down to decrease too much)

Valkyrie - Call of the Valkyrie will now determine the close-range target to get hit twice at the time the ability is used, rather than after a 0.5 second delay - Tweak leap distance from 630,690,780,840 to 630,720,780,870

Vindicator - Voice added

Voodoo Jester - Cask now bounces for 2/4/6/8 times, instead of the incorrect 2/4/5/8 times

Warbeast - Metamorphosis will no longer apply to his courier

Wildsoul - Wild will no longer apply to his courier

Zephyr - Correctly credit him for damage that his ult does

Version 0.3.5

- Fixed the ‘terrain being black’ bug


- Tweaked effects on Frostfield Plate to better match the area (thanks to warchamp) - Kuldra’s Sheep stick will now dispel stealth on its target - Monkey Courier now has a three second cool down between purchases - Nullfire blade’s purge no longer passes through Magic Immunity

Tablet of Command - No longer be castable on Magic Immune units - Cooldown lowered from 25s to 16s

Icebrand - Reduced recipe cost by 200 - Now uses a Bolstering Armband rather than Fleetfeet - Removed agility bonus, increased strength to +16 from +15 - The movement speed slow now lasts 2.5 seconds when wielded by a melee hero, still 1.5 seconds when wielded by ranged - The slow now stacks in strength with consecutive applications

  • Each attack applies a stacking 3% movement speed slow. Stacks a maximum of 5 times, for a 15% slow

Firebrand - Reduced recipe cost by 200 - Now uses a Fleetfeet rather than Bolstering Armband - Removed Strength bonus, increased agility to +16 from +15

Frostburn - Total cost reduced by 400 (as a result of IceBrand and FireBrand changes) - Agility and Strength bonuses lowered to +16 each (from +21) - Attackspeed bonus lowered to +20 from +30 - The movement speed slow now lasts 3.5 seconds when wielded by a melee hero, 2.5 seconds when wielded by ranged - The slow now stacks in strength with consecutive applications

  • Each attack applies a stacking 3% movement speed slow. Stacks a maximum of 5 times, for a 15% slow


Behemoth - Tweaked Fissure’s effects to improve performance

Chipper - Delay on casting Tar Toss reduced to 0.25 seconds (from 0.4), projectile travel time increased to 0.75 seconds (from 0.35)

  • Increases total delay on the impact by 0.25 seconds

Corruped Disciple - base damage changed to 44-48 from 44-52

Engineer - Damage on engineer’s ult will no longer harm couriers or other splash-immune units

Fayde - Guillotine is now renamed to Slice

  • The mana destruction is now reduced based on the number of hero targets hit. Destroys 6/12/18/24% of maximum mana, minus 1/2/3/4% per additional target hit (hitting 2 targets would destroy 20% mana each, hitting 3 targets would destroy 16% mana, etc).
  • Shadow Stance: Stuns for 1/1.5/2/2.5 s
  • Scyth Stance: Burns Mana

- Burning Shadows

  • Now travels 160 units farther
  • Illusions now attack 1,2,3,4 times and deal 70 damage per attack
  • Illusions are now smaller so they don’t stack over heroes
  • Illusions will now chase heroes properly
  • Shadow Stance: Burns Mana instantly when they are hit (same % as Slice)
  • Scythe Stance: Stuns (unchanged)

- Dark Shield removed. Replaced with Scythe Stance and Shadow Stance

  • On use, switches between Shadow and Scythe Stance
  • Starts in Scythe Stance
  • No Manacost. 48/36/24/12s cooldown.
  • Cannot switch Stances if either Slice or Burning Shadows are in cooldown
  • Passive component: Blocks damage based on Stance. 50 damage per charge (max 1,2,3,4 charges, gains one charge every 10 seconds). Ignores non-player controlled damage, and any damage less than 25.
  • Blocks magic in Shadow Stance. Blocks physical in Scythe Stance
  • Example: You have 4 charges and are in Shadow Stance. Get nuked by a 300 dmg nuke. All charges removed and nuke damage lowered to 100.

- Reflection reworked

  • Still grants stealth and the seamless illusion. Manacost/cooldown/duration unchanged
  • Illusion no longer gives experience to Fayde
  • Applies 3 second DoT on attack from stealth and stealth is removed/illusion killed. No longer has extra stealth (exits stealth immediately).
  • DoT no longer snares
  • DoT damage set to 75/125/175 DPS. Deals Physical damage by default (in Scythe Stance), deals Magic damage in Shadow Stance.
  • Invibility from the ult is not removed when changing between Shadow/Scythe Stances

Forsaken Archer - Base damage tweaked to 44-50 from 40-51 - Call of the Damned can now be toggled to prevent skeletons from instantly spawning when killing units. Instead, it will build up charges which can be used at will to spawn skeletons at a later time.

Hellbringer - Unholy shackles attack + movement speed slow lowered to 20/30/40/50% from 30/40/50/60% - Summon Malphas mana cost increased to 200/300/400 from 200/250/300

Ophelia - Number of controllable creeps reduced to 1/1/2/3 from 1/2/2/3

Thunderbringer - Fixed an issue causing the passive third ability to play an overly loud sound


- Fixed Fayde’s tooltip for Reflection to correctly state that the Illusion is killed when she lands her first attack from stealth. - Fixed Fayde’s model to not be a teapot. Sorry if you like teapots.

Version 0.3.4


- Life Steal items, except for Abyssal Skull, are now exclusive attack modifiers (will not stack with Frostburn, Frostwolf’s Skull, etc) - Dominating neutral creeps (using Ophelia or Whispering Helm) will no longer cause the dominated creep’s camp to stack less than 3 times total - A Doombringer can no longer be killed, transferred to your stash, sold, or held by a courier / wildsoul bear. Once someone buys a Doombringer, it’s in the game for good!

  • NOTE: This means that if you buy a Doombringer on a courier / wildsoul bear, then it will immediately drop the Doombringer. Beware!

- Matchmaking will now sort players from top to bottom according to SMR - Fixed an issue where the loading race number carries over to the next game, it should be reset properly each match now - Right clicking images for the various game mode/options on the “Join Game” notification should now close the notification properly - “Official” and “Official – No Stats” icons properly appear in the first column in the game browser now with their appropriate tooltip - Hovering over locked or unlocked slots in the game lobby will display the appropriate “Locked” or “Unlocked” tooltip now - Fixed the Jail Bars appearing mis-aligned when a player is locked on the Hellbourne side in the game lobby - Fixed the right click host visible menu appearing half cut-off if used on the Hellbourne side of the game lobby - Added an tooltip to the host’s lock/unlock button indicating that slots can not be locked in the “Auto Balanced” game mode - Empty hero picker icons no-longer react to mouseover/clicks as if they’re active

- Fixed an issue where players who tried to add friends during the first few days of open beta experienced issues trying to request new friends got a message indicating they had already requested them and needed to wait. They should no longer need to wait any longer than 60 seconds to re-request their a friend - Fixed an issue where certain players would always be flagged with a PSR of “N/A”, resulting in 100% win chance for their team - The notification history now adds the most recent notifications to the top of the list - Fixed a small animation on the effect indicators - Fixed a bug which caused music to not loop - Removed that non working update button - Sending buddy/clan whispers to players in /afk mode will no longer return a response indicating that the player was AFK with the reason - If a player wishes to not see buddy/clan whispers they can use /dnd mode and it will stop those messages from being delivered to them

- Startup.cfg fixes (credit to Notausgang)

  • SetSave is now properly quoted and escaped
  • BindButton, BindImpulse, etc is now properly escaped
  • Alias is now properly quoted and escaped

UI modding enhancements (credit to Notausgang/Tisser): - Added new UI function IsEnabled. (Credit to Tisser) - Added a new UI function EscapeString(str). It scans the input string for any \ or ‘ characters and adds a backslash before them

  • Don’t do this twice to the same string! That will likely cause the result to be invalid

- Added new UI_CMD() AddTemplateListItemWithSortReversed() that takes the same parameters as AddTemplateListItemWithSort() but adds the newest elements to the top of the list instead of the end (so the newest item appears at the top of the widget.)


Barbed Armor - Fixed it returning damage to owners of gadgets that deal damage (Voodoo’s ward, Defiler spirits, etc)

Hellflower - Damage multiplier is now constant while the effect is on them (+20%), not a burst at the end - Now perplexes

Mock of Brilliance - Damage will not be dealt if a Courier holds the Mock

Nomes Wisdom - Recipe cost increased to 600 from 260

Restoration Stone - Now properly gives the sum of it’s parts in bonuses

Savage Mace - Damage increased to 88 (proper sum of it’s parts)


New Hellbourne Agi Hero – Fayde

Armadon - Sped up the quills for his quill spray

Behemoth - Fixed Announcer

Blacksmith - Fixed a small Multicast issue

Chipper - Reduce walk noises by 66% - Tweak footsteps, more organic sounding - Mana cost of rockets set to 50/60/70/85 from 50/65/80/95 - Hitting a target with rockets within 175 units will now deal full damage, rather than half - Tar Toss is now Physical instead of Magic, but can be removed by Purge, Shrunken Head activation, etc - Reworked Focus Buffer

  • Now absorbs 150/300/450/600 Magic damage
  • Buff lasts 20 seconds
  • 20 second cooldown

- Sawblade Showdown can now be boosted by Staff of the Master

  • Increases range to 1000 from 700
  • Applies a 70% snare to all enemies inside of the saws

Corrupted Disciple - Recommended Item tweaks

Engineer - Fixed the turret sometimes not being able to fire the last 2 shots of the burst - Fixed the turret not using 1/16th of its mama per shot when it got more mana

Pharaoh - Tormented Soul no longer draws on the minimap

Slither - Ward health lowered to 60,110,160,210

Swiftblade - Movespeed lowered by 5

Torturer - Radius of the stun is now consistent across all levels at 225

Valkyrie - Call of the Valkyrie cast time reduced from 1.33s to 0.6s


- Units that can’t carry items can no longer pick up chests - Fixed -1 bug… AGAIN. - Fix not receiving the proper experience for killing heroes. - Sage’s Lore will now be properly dispelled from Wildsoul if he activates Wild or Battle Cry - Wildsoul will now properly be silenced when activating Wild or Battle Cry and is standing within range of Vindicator’s aura

Version 0.3.3

- Sending a whisper to a player who is not online will now return a message indicating the player is not online - The updater no longer crashes when a file doesn’t exist (such as tos.txt)

The Chipper - Fixed a bug with Focus Buffer. I was dividing by zero. The universe almost ceased to exist. You can thank me later.

Version 0.3.2

General - Neutral Creep camps (Normal and Ancient) can now only be stacked up to 2 additional times (3 Stacks Total)

  • Exception are the smallest camps, which have no limit still

- Selling wards of sight / puzzlebox recipe within the 15s grace period will now restock the shop. - The weak neutral creep camp on Hellborne side can no longer be pulled into the lane. - Any teammate can now take Wards of Sight and Wards of Revelation from a courier, regardless of who purchased them

  • Previously either the courier owner or the purchaser of the wards had to manually give the wards to a teammate; now the teammates can take it by themselves

- Activating a courier’s “Transfer Items to Hero” ability (3rd ability) will automatically transfer any Wards of Sight and Wards of Revelation from the courier to your inventory, regardless of who purchased them - Pets can no longer pick up Token of Life, Token of Sight, Token of Stealth, or Bananas

  • No more ninja’ing the token with a flying courier / Wildsoul’s bear

- Consumables (Health Potions, etc) purchased by different teammates will no longer combine together on couriers - Ordering multiple units at a time will no longer artificially inflate your APM

- Added a Message of the Day upon logging in - The following changes pertain to players using “invisible” mode:

  • They will now appears as “offline” if a /whois or “User Information” is done on them
  • They will no longer be able to send/receive whispers, send/receive IM’s, and send buddy/clan whispers, however they will still be able to receive buddy/clan whispers.
  • They will now properly see all their online buddies/clan members when logging in

- Removing yourself as a buddy now fails with an appropriate error message. - When a buddy approves a friendship request, the person who requested it will no longer see “You are now friends with <yourname>.” They will correctly see “You are now friends with <buddyname>.” - Fixed right clicking a buddy to display the appropriate menu choices the first time they are clicked

Version 0.1.62

- Kongor now drops a Banana - Players can now scroll through the chat buffer in game by holding the z button (Credit to Ice_Phoenix, Thread 488161) - Couriers will no longer run at enemies when attacked (they were too friendly) - Fixed being able to give neutrals you take control of items out of your stash by accident - Updated Kongor's area with a more winter theme - Runes now have spawn/death effects - Double Damage now plays an extra noise when you attack and have it active - A few trees are now snow covered - Added Major Totem to outpost - Fixed a bug that was showing the "leave without penalty" message any time after Bloodlust

- Ensure ui is correctly sized if a mode change happens while the interfaces are being reloaded in the mac and linux clients - Added new AFK and DND functionality

  • /available -Sets your chat status to available
  • /afk <afk message> -Toggles chat status to AFK, automatically replies to whispers with the message specified.
  • /dnd <dnd message> -Toggles your status to DND, automatically replies to whispers with the message specified and stops incoming whispers from being sent to you.
  • This requires a chat server restart, might not work right away

- Hooked in functionality for the lobby/hero select interface that allows users to hold shift and hit enter to send a message to the chat mode opposite of what they currently have selected. (Credit to Tisser for this mod, Thread 52664)

- Many new neutrals have shown up on Newerth, including:

  • Vagabond Leader, who can cast a wave nuke and has a health regen aura
  • Vagabond, who has a targetted manaburn
  • Vagabond Assassin, who has a targetted Clense/Shock
  • Sporespitter, who has a slow on attack
  • Earthoc
  • Antlore Healer, who has a single target small heal
  • Antling


- Fixed Void Talisman and Frostfield plate so you can use them while channeling to not interrupt - Fenrir's fang removed - Hack and Slash rework

- Hack (Renamed to Icebrand)

  • Old:

Armband (450) Mighty Blade (1000) Recipe (800) Total Cost: 2250

16 Strength 10 Damage 15% chance for -20% Movespeed for 4 seconds (proc)

  • New:

Major Totem (540) Mighty Blade (1000) Recipe (960) Total Cost: 2500

16 Strength 4 Agility 4 Intelligence 10 Damage -15% Movespeed slow on attack

- Slash (Renamed to Firebrand)

  • Old:

Fleetfeet (450) Quickblade (1000) Recipe (800) Total Cost: 2250

16 Agility 15 Attack Speed +10% Movement Speed

  • New:

Major Totem (540) Quickblade (1000) Recipe (960) Total Cost: 2500

4 Strength 16 Agility 4 Intelligence 15 Attack Speed +10% Movement Speed

- Hack & Slash (Renamed to Frostburn)

  • Old:

Slash (2250) Hack (2250) Total Cost: 4500

16 Strength 16 Agility 12 Damage +12% Movement Speed 15 Attack Speed 15% chance for -30% Movement Speed and -15 Attack Speed for 4 seconds

  • New:

Firebrand (2500) Icebrand (2500) Total Cost: 5000

20 Strength 20 Agility 10 Intelligence 10 Damage +15% Movement Speed 30 Attack Speed -20% Movespeed slow on attack

- Geometer's Bane

  • Old:

Slash (2250) Blessed Orb (2100) Recipe (500) Total Cost: 4850

10 Strength 30 Agility 10 Intelligence +10% Movement Speed 15 Attack Speed Split/Illusion on-use

  • New:

Firebrand (2500) Blessed Orb (2100) Recipe (600) Total Cost: 5200

15 Strength 30 Agility 15 Intelligence +10% Movement Speed 15 Attack Speed Split/Illusion on-use

- Frostwolf Skull

  • Old:

Fenrir's Fang (3480) Blessed Orb (2100) Recipe (570) Total Cost: 6150

25 Strength 25 Agility 25 Intelligence 200 Health 150 Mana -30% Movespeed slow on attack -20 Attackspeed slow on attack

  • New:

Icebrand (2500) Blessed Orb (2100) Glowstone (1200) Recipe (300) Total Cost: 6100

10 Damage 25 Strength 25 Agility 25 Intelligence 200 Health 150 Mana -30% Movespeed slow on attack -20 Attackspeed slow on attack


The following heroes now have voices: - Jeraziah, Puppetmaster, Pyromancer, Rampage, Soul Reaper

Arachna: - Spiderling now grants 60-70 gold when killed

Dark Lady - Reskinned and model changed

Deadwood - Got a proper background story (Grumble... Mahogany) - Rotten Grasp now triggers after 1.5 seconds (down from 2.5. Was bugged and doing an extra .5 seconds) - Rotten Grasp now reduces the armor of anyone caught in it by 2,3,4,5 - Uproot no longer has a cast time, letting you grab and run - Clearcutting now lasts for 12,14,16,18 seconds - Falcon Punch's strength reduction state (everyone hit with the strength reduction) now slows moment speed by 80% for the first second and 35% for the rest of the duration

Defiler - Semi-Reverted her third ability to 2.5/5/7.5/10% Movespeed (Stringtables will not show this, but it works) - Ghosts won't kill runes or chests anymore

Demented Shaman - Storm Cloud is now correctly typed as Magic (was a typo, nothing changed)

Engineer: - Cast time on Keg reduced to 0 seconds (from 0.4 seconds). Overall delay is 1 second.

Forsaken Archer - Crippling Volley now has a 225 radius at all levels (from 150/200/250/300) - Crippling Volley now has a 1 second delay (including cast time), reduced from 1.295 seconds - Skeletal Minions no longer burn mana with their attacks - Number of maximum skeletal minions changed to 3/4/5/6 from 2/4/6/8 - Immobilize time on Crippling Volley changed to 1.75/2/2.25/2.5 seconds (from 2.5 at all levels)

Kraken - Whirlpool will no longer drag gadget pets such as Engineer's Turret or Arachna's Spider with it

Legionnaire - Fixed the tooltip for Whirling Blade

Pebbles - Fixed his effects that were playing through fog - Fixed up his Ult's tooltip to clarify the damage the thrown unit takes

Pharoah - Ult will no longer hit PseudoPets (Skeletons from Forsaken Archer) when he has SotM

Plague Rider - Plague Carrier can no longer target couriers - Fixed his story

Puppet Master - Base strength lowered to 19 (from 20) - Strength gain lowered to 1.9 (from 2.1) - Puppet Show will now correctly interrupt abilities that are mid-cast - Damage dealt via Voodoo Puppet will no longer pass through Magic Immunity

Scout: - Cast Range on electric eyes reduced by 50

  • This fixes an issue allowing the scout to put eyes in spots just out of their detection range

Soul Reaper - Fixed his level 3 ultimate multiplying by .9 (was using .8)

Soulstealer: - Soul Burst impact time reverted to 1 second (with a 1.5 second total cast time)

Tempest - Clarified the tooltip for elementals to say they do not lose charges for attacking buildings

Valkyrie: - Call of the Valkyrie radius increased to 650 from 600

  • This allows the skill to hit targets with it when she attacks from her maximum range

Voodoo Jester - Mojo mana cost reduced to 105/115/125/145 from 110/135/160/185

Witch Slayer - Got a proper background story

Version 0.1.61


- Added new in game command /gameinfo or /gi, using it prints information about the current game. - Fixed a few tooltips (such as the error about evasion in mock) - Tweaked recommended items - Fixed a crash when selecting the courier of a terminated player that had items left on it - Fixed item ownership exploits, rules are as follows:

  • Items/recipes are usable by the original purchaser, always
  • "Allowsharing" items are usable by team mates of the original purchaser
  • "Dropondeath" items lose their ownership when the carrying unit is killed, making them free for all to use (ally/enemy)
  • Items dropped by a "dropitemsondeath" unit (courier) retain their ownership
  • The "drop items" game option now removes ownership as if all items had "dropondeath"

- Heroes who have ultimates that can be upgraded by Staff of the Master now list what is changed in the tooltip (Thread 34249) - Player colors now show up next to their portrait in the miniscoreboard when ingame (Thread 49135)

- Updated regional filter to include Europe - All, this query includes EU, DE, NL and UK locations. - Updated French Stringtables - Fixed "Balance Teams" button showing up times when it shouldn't - Fixed All/Team chat button working incorrectly in certain cirumstances

Items - Doombringer can no longer be sold

- New Item, Fenrir's Fang: +10 Strength +10 Agility +10 Intelligence +200 Max Health +150 Max Mana On attack, applies Fenrir's Bite to targets for 3 seconds. Fenrir's Bite slows attack speed by 10% and movement speed by 15%.

Components Major Totem (540) Major Totem (540) GlowStone (1200) Recipe (1200) Total Cost: 3480

- Frostwolf's Skull:

  • Recipe is no longer upgradable. Recipe changed to use:

Fenrir's Fang (3480) Blessed Orb (2100) Recipe (570) Total Cost: 6150


Deadwood - A new Hellbourne Strength hero has joined the fight! Beware...

Behemoth - Fissure can now be cast on allied and magic immune units. Note that it will not damage or stun allies or magic immune units, you simply will be able to cast the skill in the target's direction

Corrupted Disciple - Overload will no longer instantly kill gadgets

Engineer - The Keg now has a fixed delay of 1 second between cast and impact time, regardless of distance thrown - Better synchronized Keg's explosion with the push back and damage - The Keg now stuns targets for 1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds, increased from 1.25 seconds at all levels - The Keg will now knock back the Engineer if he is within the blast range. Note that this will not stun him - Steam Turret's damage type changed to Hero so the first shot doesn't do half damage anymore - Steam Turret's base damage increased by roughly 30% - Steam Turret's increased damage from items reduced to a 20% transfer - Steam Turret will now take 8 hits from creeps to kill - Steam Turret's default behavior will now be to attack heroes only, and it may be switched to target all regular attack targets (including buildings and creeps) - Tinker can now heal the Steam Turret through creep damage. Only Hero or Boss attacks will prevent the Steam Turret from being healed - Tinker, when used on allied siege units, will now cause that siege unit to take 1/3rd of normal damage (in addition to its previous effects) - Tinker, when used on enemy siege units, will now destroy that siege unit after a 2 second channel time, blowing it up and causing 50/75/100/125 Magic damage in a 600 radius - Tinker now again increases the Attack Speed of the turret by 25,50,75,100 - Fixed a bug causing the electrical fence to not disappear when the shield generator was destroyed before its duration ended

Forsaken Archer - Skeletal Minions will no longer attack powerups - While using Piercing Arrows, Skeletal Minions will continue to automatically attack nearby targets, however if no targets are nearby they will return to Forsaken Archer's position - Fixed Forsaken Archer's Splitfire to not reduce the damage of her other abilities - Fixed Forsaken Archer's first ability to not shoot arrows into the air before the projectile actually goes off

Hammerstorm - Fixed the weird animations when using items

Keeper of the Forest - Eyes from Tree Sight will no longer be drawn on the minimap - Fixed Keeper of the Forest's attack animation to not be so off

Mali Klause - Fixed a bug causing the cool down time of Sword Throw to be reset if the teleport portion of that skill is used

Pebbles - Fixed the weird animations when using items

Soulstealer - Lowered impact time of Demon Hand to .65 seconds (from .67 seconds) - Cast time on Soul Burst increased to 1.65 seconds (from 1 second)

Version 0.1.60


- Up and down arrows now properly scroll through sent chat history when in game (Hit Enter to type then hit the up arrow key) - Fixed the targeting cursor to revert back to the standard cursor when targetting a dual target ability out of range - Added a /matchup or /ma for short command

  • This command lists the current players team/name/color/hero in game

- Vulture Lords will no longer use their Cyclone ability - Fixed a spot on Caldavar that would let you cut over the cliff near the bottom rune - Fixed players getting stuck in the bottom right corner of the map - Fixed Shield of the Five playing a sound with every unit its cast on, now just plays one sound

- Improvements to the Mac and Linux clients - Fixed ALL chat not having colon inserted - Added confirmation boxes when Leave Clan, Remove Buddy, Remove from Clan, Ignore, or Add to Banlist are clicked, giving the user the option to cancel their action - Added display for "Auto Balance" mode on the server list browser - Re-named "Auto Balance Teams" button to "Balance Teams" - All of the below changes apply only to games with the new "Auto Balanced" game option

* Renamed the "Auto Balance" game option "Auto Balanced"
* Removed the hosts ability use the "Balance Teams" functionality
* Removed the hosts ability to lock slots
* Hid each teams predicted PSR Win%
* Changed the PSR "Points at stake" to say "+? / -?" instead of showing actual points

- Updated hero selection interface to display "Points at stake" to each players hero icon - Added new functionality to allow hosts to cancel the match countdown

  • After clicking "Start Game" the button label changes to "Cancel"

- Fixed allowing players to correctly leave their team to cancel the match countdown - Added a lobby message indicating when either of these occur and the countdown is halted - Added a "Europe-All" filter - Chat mode now changes to "All" whenever the player joins the lobby, and changes to "Team" upon entering the hero select screen - Changed the Team/All chat listbox to a toggleable button

  • Credit to the player MaxGhost for introducing this in mod form many months back


- Couriers now have a custom minimap icon - Puzzlebox recipe cost reduced to 900 (from 1300) - Barbed Armor will now return damage from a Pseudo Pet or Gadget to the owner of the pet instead

  • This will stop issues such as Barbed Armor instantly killing Engineer's Energy Field

- Moved a few recipes around in the shops due to the following changes

- Nome's Wisdom components and bonuses changed

  • Old:

+10 Int +21 damage +10 attack speed +75% Mana Regeneration Heal-on-cast/armor/mana regen Aura

Ring of the Teacher (500) Great Arcana (1675) Recipe (325) Total: 2500

  • New:

+6 Strength +6 Agility +16 Intelligence +10 Damage +100% Mana Regeneration Heal-on-cast/armor/mana regen Aura

Ring of the Teacher (500) Major Totem (540) Neophyte's Book (1000) Nome's Wisdom Recipe (260) Total: 2300

- Frostwulf's Skull recipe changed and is now upgradable

  • Old components:

Blessed Orb (2100) Blessed Orb (2100) Glowstone (1200) Recipe (750) Total: 6150

New components: Major Totem (540) Blessed Orb (2100) Glowstone (1200) Recipe (1200) Total: 5040 (6240)

Frostwulf's skull may be upgraded once. The new stats are: +16/25 Strength +16/25 Agility +16/25 Intelligence +200 Max Health +150 Max Mana On attack, reduces attack speed by 13/20 and slows movement by 20/30% for 3 seconds

- Tablet of Command components and bonuses changed, total cost reduced to 2040

  • Old

+10 Intelligence +10 Damage +10 Attack Speed Activated Push

Steamstaff (900) Neophyte's book (1000) Recipe (300) Total: 2200

  • New

+6 Strength +6 Agility +16 Intelligence Activated Push

Major Totem (540) Neophyte's book (1000) Recipe (500) Total: 2040


Engineer - Steam Turret's base attack cooldown changed to 1.7s (from .5s) - Steam Turret can no longer be hit by the vast majority of single target ultimate abilities - Steam Turret can no longer be hooked and can attack buildings and other gadgets again - Steam Turret now upgrades in level as the skill upgrades - Steam Turret has a new skill, which allows it to switch between targeting its normal targets (units and buildings) and heroes only - Steam Turret's shut down sequence now restores its mana over the full duration of the shut down - Steam Turret now fires a 3 shot burst and damage is reduced by 66% (same total damage in one 'shot'). The two extra shots of the burst cannot proc anything and are just damage - Steam Turret's burst fire consumes its mana on the initial attack, not on the additional bursts - Steam Turret now does a distance check for the burst shots, so it won't fire at targets across the map should someone teleport - Steam turret can now fire 7/10/13/16 total volleys, regardless of its mana pool - Changed Tinker on the turret to increase damage by 33,44,55,66% for the duration instead of attack speed - Tinkering the turret now heals 25% of its health every 1 second

  • Turret cannot be healed if it's taken damage in the past 2 seconds

- Gadgets from Energy Field will no longer appear on the minimap

Forsaken Archer: - Decreased speed of attack animation's visuals to better match the actual attack time

  • Note that the actual timing of her attack has not changed

- Crippling Volley now applies a 0.1 second ministun - Split Fire's damage per arrow reduced by 10% at all levels

  • Fixed tool tip not displaying correctly when toggled on

- Call of the Damned can now spawn skeletal minions from allied creep denies - Skeletal Minions will not attack targets unless the forsaken archer is attacking them.

  • They will hold ground when she holds ground, will attack when she attacks, and will follow when she moves
  • Note that they will not attack a target outside her attack range and will finish their current attack before retreating
  • When channeling Piercing Arrows, skeletal minions will automatically attack targets in a 600 radius around Forsaken Archer

- Skeletal Minions are no longer disabled for the first second they spawn. Instead, they can instantly move/attack - Skeletal Minion move speed increased to 420, from 320 - Skeletal Minions now apply a damage over time effect to targets when they attack, dealing 5/10/15/20 Magic damage per second over 4 seconds - Piercing Arrows damage increased to 75/150/225 from 75/115/165, cool down increased to 120 seconds - Piercing Arrows' arrows now travel a total distance of 1300, increased from 920

Jeraziah - Righteous Strike's bonus damage reduced to 8/16/24/32 from 12/24/36/50 - Righteous Strike's area of effect reduced to 225 from 350

  • Area of Effect now occurs 225 units in front of Jeraziah, rather than around the target, meaning that it will no longer hit units behind him, similar to other Splash mechanics

- Righteous Strike's splash damage now deals 50% of attack damage, reduced from 70% - Righteous Strike's slow increased to last 5 seconds (from 2) with a flat 30% slow for the duration (changed from 50% tapering off to 0% over 3 seconds)

Keeper of the Forest - Changed significantly (in preparation for the arrival of Deadwood)

  • Base stats, armor, damage, and movement speed were tweaked
  • Camouflage on the Keeper no longer breaks stealth when his own abilities are used
  • Removed Nature's vengeance and replaced it with Nature's Protection
  • Tree Sight no longer grants regeneration, but eyes now have true sight

Kraken - Fixed Whirlpool so he can activate the 'return' while standing near trees

Maliken: - Sword throw mana cost changed to 110/120/130/140 from 110 at all levels - Life Essence now costs 7/8/9/10 mana per attack

Pandamonium - Units being pushed by Flurry can now rotate during the push

Pebbles: - Fixed a bug causing level 1 of Enlarge to cause the chucked unit of Chuck to not take the additional damage

Sand Wraith - Illusions from Mirage are now killed when Manifest is used

Soul Reaper - Fixed Demonic Execution to not be double reduced by magic armor

Wild Soul - Renamed BooBoo to Beardulon

Version 0.1.59

- Fixed deflection not doing anything - Non-hero units can no longer pick up runes

Engineer - Turret no longer procs the death effect of Sacrifical Stone - Turret can no longer attack Kongor or Runes - You can no longer sell items off the Turret - Items that you have in your inventory that are not owned by you will no longer be copied to the Turret - Fixed misc tooltip errors

Forsaken Archer - Crippling Volley will no longer hit Magic Immune units - Skeletal Minions now only spawn from organic unit deaths

  • This is to stop silly times where you get a skeleton for killing a tower or catapault

- Skeletal Minions can no longer attack chests or runes

  • This is to stop situations like killing items when you mean to pick them up

- Fixed Split Fire reducing damage properly on the main target, also making it properly shoot 4 arrows, not 5 - Split Fire will no longer grant Mana Battery charges when toggled on or off

Version 0.1.57

New Heroes Engineer, Legion Ranged Agility Forsaken Archer, Hellbourne Ranged Agility

- Updated Recommended Items - Deflection from items now happens before combat type adjustment - Fixed Scout to apply the attack speed buff out of Vanish right away instead of 1 attack later - Behemoth's Fissure can no longer target trees or allies, just enemies or a position - Soul Reaper's Judgement will no longer heal or damage gadgets - Demented Shaman's voice was tweaked a bit - Sand Wraith now has the voice of death itself - Corrupted Disciple has the voice of... a very evil guy

- The Pre-Query filter checkbox now remembers the previous state it was in and defaults to "On" unless set otherwise. - Updated filter list to support USC, USE, USS, USW, and DE server locations - Fixed "Assign Host" feature so you can pass host of a game to someone else in the lobby - Moved around the Base and Advanced Team options to provide for more room - Updates to Icon Key and various other outdated tooltips. - Added a new game option "Auto Balance", available in the main lobby and game setup screens.

* If "Shuffle Teams" option is selected, the server will use the "Auto Balance" over the "Shuffle Teams" option.
* Once the host clicks start game and the timer finishes counting down, all team slots will be unlocked and the server will perform an autobalance. Upon showing the hero selection screen the new teams will be displayed.

- Added a /roll command that users can use to simulate a dice roll. Usage: /roll 1 32767. This is broadcast to all players in the channel it is used in. - Added an /emote command that users can use to emote their actions. This is broadcast to all players in the channel it is used in.

Version 0.1.56

General - I bet you were expecting 0.1.55. Surprise! No one expects the Spanish Inquisition! - Pre-Query filtering is now available to cut down on the number of servers pinged

  • This will help those who time out when pinging servers to avoid that problem

- Fixed a large amount of spelling and grammar errors in all tooltips - Game lobby chat now switches to team chat automatically once the hero select screen is displayed - Fixed the game lobby to show 10 players again (For real this time) - Fixed runes and some creeps disappearing when not synced correctly with the server - Significant server optimizations - Glyph to make buildings immune can now be bound to a key and now shows in the control selection interface by default instead of Patrol - Added a /time chat command to return the current system time/date of the users computer. - Added an /ignorechat or /ic chat command used to toggle ignoring team/all chat.

  • Note this only works for team/all chat in the lobby, hero select screen and in game, not whispers, IM's and other messages.

- The anouncer sound for when a teammate picks up a rune should now be global - The water and tar in the Wells should now flow freely again - Fixed an issue with modifiers - Allow players to leave team during countdown, so they don't have to disconnect to stop it - Moved the Hellbourne Ancient creeps to stop them being pulled into the lane - Fixed stealth to break when an attack lands, not when you start the attack and cancel before the impact


New Item, Plated Greaves - Requires Marchers, a Shield of the Five, and 200 gold recipe cost. 1503 total. - +70 Movement Speed - +3 all stats - +5 Armor - When used, gives +2 armor and 100% chance to block 10 attack damage to all allied units in a 450 radius for 30 seconds. 25 second cooldown. 25 mana to use.

Enhanced Marchers: - Renamed to Ghost Marchers - Ghost Marchers offer +24 damage, +70 movement speed, and when activated boost your movement speed by 10% for 6 seconds

  • Ghost Marchers have a 12 second cool down and also apply unit walking while active
  • Ghost Marchers once again dispel their active state upon ability usage

- Recipe changed to require Marchers and two Punchdaggers (total cost unchanged)

Steamboots: - Steamboots now give +10 to a selected attribute and no longer provide a bonus to other attributes other than the selected one - Steamboots now give +25 attack speed - Steamboots movement speed lowered to 60 (from 75) - Recipe changed to require Marchers, Gloves of the Swift, and one of the $450 attribute items (Bolstering Armband, Fleetfeet, or Apprentice's Robe)


Behemoth - Fixed Fissure to properly stun and do damage again - Fixed an issue causing the AoE stun from Heavyweight to occur at the location of Fissure's target

Demented Shaman - The little guy learned to talk

Scout: - Vanish now has an upkeep mana cost of 2/3/4/5 per second, changed from 3 at all levels - Electric Eyes can no longer be placed within a 75 radius of trees

  • This is to prevent abusive placement resulting in a block of neutral spawns

- Disarm now lasts 1 second, from 2

Soulstealer - Fixed Demon Hand's tooltip to be 150 instead of 100

  • Demon Hand was doing the correct amount of damage, the tooltip was simply incorrect

The Dark Lady: - Dark Blades cool down reduced by 4 seconds at all levels (from 26/22/18/14 to 22/18/14/10) - Charging Strikes' attack speed buff now lasts 6 seconds, increased from 5 - Cover of Darkness now costs 75 mana at all levels (from 50/100/150)

Wild Soul - Fixed Rabid with Synergy tooltip when it is level 4

Witch Slayer - Can now speak - Silver Bullet can no longer be avoided by going invisible as the projectile is in midair

Version 0.1.54

General - Fixed bottle-illusion exploit - Gold bounty for buildings corrected to the proper amounts

  • In general, the amount of gold given will be more consistent

- Added a confirmation box to the disband game button - Darkwood Vale's northern ancient creep camp should now spawn properly - Fix to the pactket overflow issues


Behemoth - Fissure is now able to target a player directly, not just a position on the ground

Blood Hunter - Hemmorage is now instantly applied to the target instead of using a projectile

  • This also fixes an issue that was allowing hemmorage to be dodged with teleports

Magmus - Lava Surge is now able to target a player directly, not just a position on the ground - Lava Surge can now be used while immobilized

Pandamonium - Flick will no longer flick units that are greater than 500 units away at the time of the flick

  • This prevents heroes that blink/teleport from being flicked long distances

Pyromancer - You can no longer avoid Blazing Strike's damage by teleporting

Sand Wraith - Dissipation's reflected damage is no longer reflected by barbed armor - Renamed Dissipation to Dissipate - Manifest now has a Disjoint call in it

Witch Slayer - Attack Immunity removed from the 'bounce' part of Graveyard - Miniturization cast time set to 0 (from 300ms) - Graveyard's animation is now shorter, making it easier to queue up abilities - Graveyard speed increased to 1600 form 1400 - Graveyard is now able to target a player directly, not just a position on the ground - Nothing happens anymore if you target a unit without a mana pool with Power Drain - You can no longer avoid Silver Bullet's damage by disjointing the projectile

Wretched Hag - Recommended items tweaked


-Actually released Witch Slayer

Version 0.1.53

XFire Video Contest! - S2 Games is giving away free Heroes of Newerth accounts to select testers who upload HoN related XFire videos. For more information, check the topic "Xfire Video Contest" on the Heroes of Newerth forums.

General - The "No Stats" option when creating a game now works

  • The replay and stats are still remembered for viewing in the Stats Viewer
  • None of the stats seen there will be added to your account totals (PSR, Matches Played, total K/D/A, etc will not change at all).

- A new Interface option is now available to turn on mouseover Selection Highlighting while ingame. Check it out! - Deathmatch is disabled temporarily - Server stability fixes - Spectators can now select dead heroes and do not lose their selection when a hero dies - Recommended items for most heroes have been updated where necessary due to past item changes

New Hero - Witch Slayer, inspired by DotA's Lion


Corrupted Disciple - Overload will no longer target Runes - Static Discharge will no longer trigger on any projectile-based offensive abilities (such as Armadon's Spines)

Devourer - Devour now acts as a stun, allowing players to queue up other spells and abilities while disabled

  • This also fixes an issue causing spells such as Torturer's Torment to be disabled

Electrician - Fixed not being able to queue up abilities while gripping - Static Grip now acts as a stun, allowing players to queue up other spells and abilities while disabled

  • This also fixes an issue causing spells such as Torturer's Torment to be disabled

Night Hound - Movement speed increased to 300 (from 295)

Pandamonium: - Smash Face now acts as a stun, allowing players to queue up other spells and abilities while disabled

  • This also fixes an issue causing spells such as Torturer's Torment to be disabled

Pollywog Priest

  • Magical Bindings now act as a stun, allowing players to queue up other spells and abilities while disabled
  • This also fixes an issue causing spells such as Torturer's Torment to be disabled

PuppetMaster - Level 1 armor reduced from 3.8 to 2.8

Succubus - Succubus' Hold now act as a stun, allowing players to queue up other spells and abilities while disabled

  • This also fixes an issue causing spells such as Torturer's Torment to be disabled

Version 0.1.52

XFire Video Contest! - S2 Games is giving away free Heroes of Newerth accounts to select testers who upload HoN related XFire videos. For more information, check the topic "Xfire Video Contest" on the Heroes of Newerth forums.

General: - Large amount of server stability fixes - Increased mana regeneration on stormspirit from 125% to 150% to match its base components

Corrupted Disciple - Range changed to 475 (from 550) - Projectile speed changed to 2000 (from 5000) - Electric Tide now grants clearvision around the Disciple for 4 seconds - Overload no longer hits units in the fog of war or stealth (or Kongor. That made him mad!) - Overload no longer instantly kills Arachna's Spiderling

Electrician - The Grip animation will now break if it is dispelled off his target

Glacius: - Movement speed increased to 290 (from 280)

Nymphora: - Staff of the Master effect removed for now

Ophelia: - Nature's Wrath now increases damage taken as it's dealt, rather than when the state expires

Torturer: - Fixed night time sight, increasing to 900 (from 800) - Torment is now marked as responsive

  • This means that it will add charges to power supply (when toggled on) and remove Vindicator's Sage's Lore buff

- Torment will ignore its cool down when toggled on, allowing players to toggle it off instantly without having to wait the 1 second.

  • Note: You won't be able to turn it back on until the full 1 second had elapsed

Rampage - Background story increased by 100%

Valkyrie: - Fixed night time sight, increasing to 1200 (from 800)

Vindicator: - Background story increased by 100%

Voodoo Jester: - Attack impact time set to 0.4 seconds (from 0.55)

Warbeast: - Cool down of BattleCry reduced to 25 seconds (from 35) - Added unit walking to Warbeast and his wolves while metamorphosis is active

Version 0.1.51

General (Gameplay) - A new spectator interface awaits those who like to watch - Victory or Defeat arcade text and announcer yell now plays when a team concedes - Can no longer give illusions items - Shops now have all items hotkeyed - Several heroes now have enhanced visual effects when they hold a Staff of the Master

  • Done so far: Thunderbringer, Magmus, Swiftblade, Moon Queen, Nymphora, Pyromancer, Plague Rider

- Banning draft now has a wait time before and after the banning phase - A kick vote can now only be called by teammates and must be unanimous to pass (needs 9/10 in a full game) - Lifetime should now show up for allied gadgets - Fix the 'popping' of heroes on the minimap when they enter or exit stealth - Control groups of multiple units tweaked slightly including better sight of which unit is selected - Using a bound hotkey or clicking the hero portrait now selects the hero even when dead - Right clicking a friendly unit issues a follow_guard command, attacking enemies near the target unit - Post Game Stats Screen tweaked slightly - Remake now disbands the game. No stats are recorded. This is a temp fix to some other remake issues until we resolve them.

  • K/D/A column will no longer cut off longer numbers
  • Should no longer display 0's when a team concedes
  • Can now sort by column by clicking the column name

Items - Fixed Behemoth's Heart to increase the damage of Agility heroes by 10% instead of 20% - Barrier Idol's passive effect no longer stays around forever - Doombringer should now clear ownership when someone holding it dies. For real this time. I'm serious... - Assassin's Shroud now breaks stealth when a spell finishes casting, not when it starts

New Hero - Corrupted Disciple, inspired by DotA's Razor


Devourer - Devour's max channel range increased to 400 (from 260)

Maliken: - Sword throw projectile speed decreased to 700 (from 800) - Life Essence will no longer heal Maliken when attacking structures - Possession no longer lowers maliken's attack cool down time (previously it lowered from 1.7 seconds to 1.4) - Possession mana cost increased to 150 (from 100)

Pandamonium: - Cannonball no longer deals extra damage in a 400 radius. Instead, only units within stun range (200 radius) are damaged. Total damage dealt remains the same.

Puppetmaster: - Whiplash's bonus damage is now dealt via a critical strike

  • This prevents it from stacking with other critical strike items. Note that you have multiple critical strike sources that proc on the same attack, you will automatically use your most powerful critical strike.

Rampage - Stampede should no longer randomly drop vision on the charged target - Horned Strike's push now destroys trees - Casting Favor of Sol no longer stuns Rampage for a second

Scout: - Disarm's bonus damage is now dealt via a critical strike

  • This prevents it from stacking with other critical strike items. Note that you have multiple critical strike sources that proc on the same attack, you will automatically use your most powerful critical strike.

Swiftblade - Counterattack can no longer proc of spells

Vindicator - Sage's Lore is no longer removable by Attack Abilities

Wretched Hag - Flash of Darkness is now 800,900,1000,1150 range (from 700,850,1000,1150) - Bat Blast will now apply Haunt's Haunted state when cast. The strength of the Haunted state depends on the level of Haunt.


- Fixed Banning Draft not being on the game filter - Fixed Stats Screen close button so you don't have to hit the button twice to get the screen back - Fixed Behemoth's sight range and aggro range - Fixed Soulstealer's aggro range - Fixed Plague Rider popup when he gains mana

Version 0.1.50

General - Happy Halloween! - New Post Game stats screen - Heroes now be announced in the proper epic voice. Choose Wisely... - Cooldowns that are ready will no longer show 1s left on the cooldown in the ally info panel - Players can right click a CC panel notification to close them now - More restrictive map borders - Certain abilities will no longer miss stealthed allies - Hero effects now show up in their 3D portrait (Torturer has a head again) - Attacks per second now show the correct rounded value in the tooltip - Fog of war now updates every 400ms instead of every 500ms - Fix how stunned units affect pathing - Trees no longer block single target abilities that can't target trees - Items no longer block neutral creeps from spawning when dropped on the ground - Right-clicking an ability icon no longer activates non-toggle abilities - Fix Post Haste minimap ping - Fixed several abilities including Homecoming Stone and Pyromancer's Stun so they no longer play effects in the fog - Added Darkwood Vale to icon key - Fixed Torturer pick sound - Units will no longer aggro when disarmed or can't attack

OpenGL - mesh_color_andromeda and mesh_color_unit_reveal shaders are fixed - Fixed Arcade Text rendering behind the terrain

Banning Draft - Set up like Random Draft, only with 24 heroes instead of 20 - Top players on either team (Blue or Pink) alternate banning 1 hero each until 4 heroes are banned - Picking proceedes like a normal RD match after bans, everyone picks their own heroes

Items - Totem of Kuldra renamed to Kuldra's Sheepstick - Ring of Sorcery's radius increased to 600 (from 400) - Slayer's damage increased to 46 (from 36) - Insanitarius now takes a Steamstaff instead of a Punchdagger. Recipe cost lowered to 500 (from 900) - Void Talisman no longer lowers Magic Armor - Bound Eye now only grants the Reveal Sight when held by a hero - Mana Battery and Power Supply cooldown is lowered to 17 seconds (from 25) - Charged Hammer cooldown reduced to 35 (from 45) - Symbol of Rage cooldown reduced to 35 (from 50)

Enhanced Marchers: - Cooldown time increased to 15 seconds

Steamboots - Now grants +6 to all attributes and +6 to the active attribute (from +5)

New Heroes - Vindicator, inspired by DotA's Silencer - Rampage, inspired by DotA's Spiritbreaker


Accursed - Cauterize range increased to 600 (from 300)

Andromeda - No longer mute

Arachna - No longer mute

Blood Hunter - Hemmorage can no longer be removed

Chronos: - Attack impact time set to 0.5 seconds (from 0.6)

Devourer - Any enemy hero killed in a 400 radius of devourer will grant him the +0.9/1.2/1.5/1.8 strength that he normally gains from killing a hero - Strength gained from creep kills reduced to +0.03/0.05/0.07/0.09 (from +0.03/0.06/0.09/0.12)

Electrician: - Static Grip's area damage now deals 30/45/60/75 Magic damage per second, increased from 30/40/50/60 - Energy Absorption now deals 40/75/115/150 True damage to nearby enemies, from 75/100/125/150 Magic damage - Energy Absorption will now hit Magic Immune units - Energy Absorption now returns 12/16/20/24 mana per charge, from 15/20/25/30

Glacius - Reworked Glacial Downpour to be more consistant (It's so cool now)

Hammerstorm - Galvanize radius increased to 500 (from 350) - Movement speed bonus increased to 14% (from 12%) - Armor bonus lowered to 3,5,7,10 (from 3,6,9,12)

Jeraziah: - Righteous Strike bonus damage reduced to 10/20/30/40, from 12/24/36/50 - Righteous Strike now deals 75% splash damage, decreased from 100%

Madman: - Fixed a bug allowing the Madman to activate items without breaking his stealth from Stalk

Maliken: - Hellbourne Zeal provides a maximum of +100 attack speed

Night Hound - Can now Pounce 200ms faster

Nymphora - Nymph's Call no longer shares a cooldown with Teleport

Ophelia - No longer mute

Pandamonium - Increase based str gain from 2.5 to 2.7 - Flurry speed increased by roughly 40% - Mana cost of Flurry reduced to 30 per hit, from 40 - Cannonball mana cost set to 100 at all levels (from 95/110/125/140) - Flick mana cost reduced to 65 at all levels - Smash Face mana cost reduced to 100/175/250 from 100/200/300 - Smash Face can no longer be evaded

Pestilence - Stun ground effect is now a bit more accurate to the range

Pharaoh - Wrath of the Pharaoh no longer hits mechanical units

Plague Rider - Plague Carrier will no longer bounce to the Well structure

Pollywog Priest - Issuing a move order to the wards will no longer cause them to do nothing - Voodoo Wards duration increased to 45 seconds (from 30) - Pollywog's evil cousin, Pollygon Priest, should no longer make an appearance

Predator: - Armor reduction reduced to -2/-4/-6 from -4/-8/-12 - Attack speed bonus for attacking a debuffed enemy set to +20/40/60 from +30/50/70 - Mana cost reduced to 50/75/100, from 100/150/200 - Cool down decreased to 60 seconds, from 120 seconds - Predator will now automatically attack the target of his Venomous Leap after the Leap completes

PuppetMaster: - Fixed a bug preventing Puppeteer's Hold from being dispellable

Soul Reaper - Strength gain increased to 2.0 (from 1.5)

Treant - Root will no longer root gadgets such as Pollywog's Wards

Valkyrie - Yet another great voice added

Wildsoul - Base movement speed increased to 315 (from 305) - Base movement speed while in Bear Form decreased to 270 (from 305) - Armor bonus from Bear Form increased to 4,6,8 (from 2,4,6) - BooBoo can no longer attack when more then 925 range away from Wildsoul. He longer instantly teleports back. - BooBoo's Root can now be removed

Wretched Hag - Flash of Darkness cast point changed to 0.33 (from 0.5) - Has gained a voice


- Fixed the Widgit spam in the console - Fixed Wall of Mummies so you can target them once again

Version 0.1.49

- Fixed some major server crash and lag issues - Images no longer revive from Token of Life along with fixing some other image issues - Fixed Geometer's Bane movespeed so it stacks properly with items such as Hack and Slash - Sand Wraith's Desert's Curse now properly casts at 300ms instead of 500ms - Sand Wraith's Desert's Curse buff now lets the Sand Wraith path through Fissure and Mummies - Sand Wraith's Dissipation to not hit Kongor - Sand Wraith's images from Mirage now have unitwalking and have 400 base movement speed

  • Mirage now grants vision of all enemy heroes for the duration of the spell

- Fixed Moon Queen's attacks to not bounce to runes - Puppetmaster's Voodoo Puppet is now immune to everything but Magic and Attacks (IE: Transfigure, Push, etc) - Kraken's Whirlpool no longer brings Bosses with it - Kraken's Splash now takes 25 mana (used to be 15) - Tweaked how attack speed rounds - Hosts can no longer autobalance once the game starts (Tricky hosts...) - Heroes are no longer able to deny themselves when they have a DoT on them


- Fixed Swiftblade's Blade Frenzy


- Fixed Magmus and Devourer from harming or debuffing themselves with their AOEs - Fixed Maliken's Zeal scaling - Fixed the .48 changelog - Fixed attack modifying items/damage and how they propagate to illusions

Version 0.1.48

General: - Correct some attack speed calculations to make it more accurate - Updated client game browser to support filtering by region - Fortification of Sol/Demonic Fortification can now be used while silenced (teleporting to a structure with homecoming stone silences the tower) - Disband game button has red text in game lobby

Items: - Brutalizer, Charged Hammer, and Thunderclaw no longer propagate to illusions - Fixed brutalizer from bashing towers - Steamboots and Enhanced Marchers can now be disassembled - Symbol of Rage's activation no longer breaks channeling spells - Sacrificial Stone no longer gets charges from killing illusions - Multiple Geometers Banes now share cooldowns - Void Talisman is now removed by Magic Immunity and does not apply the buff while Magic Immune if used - Blade mail no longer reflects damage from towers - Insanitarius now stacks with Elder Parasite properly - Monkey Couriers are no longer on the Tab key. They will remain on the ` key for selection.

New Hero: Sand Wraith, based on DotA's Mercurial the Spectre


General - Chonos and Magmus can't blink out of Puppet Strings or when Immobilized - Panda's Face Smash and Succubus' Hold will now break Mesmerize on impact

Arachna - Spider Sting pet will no longer be a target for Plague Carrier or Acid Coctail

Dark Lady - Fixed Dark Blades silencing towers - The silence from Dark Blades will no longer apply to Magic Immune units - Dark Blades base damage increase set to +50/70/90/110% (from +70/90/110/130%) - Cover of Darkness reworked:

  • This spell now targets a position on the map, rather than being global
  • Enemies in a 1000 radius will have Cover of Darkness applied to them (unlinked allied vision, reduced vision range)
  • Vision restriction reduced to 400 (from 500)
  • Cool down lowered to 120 seconds (from 150)
  • Mana cost redcued to 50/100/150 (from 50/150/250)

Defiler - Fixed manacost of Grave Silence when Power in Death is learned to 80/70/60/50 (from 160)

Demented Shaman - Entangle duration properly set to 3 seconds at levels 3 and 4 instead of 4 seconds

Electrician: - Fixed Energy Absorption tool tip displaying the wrong duration

Kraken: - Whirlpool may no longer be used near the Well, Tarpit, or any trees - Splash's damage is now typed as Splash (will no longer hit wards)

Legionnaire - Legionnaire spin changed to trigger at the start of an attack, not when the damage happens

Madman - Max stun range reduced by 100 (from 700 to 600)

Magebane: - Enemies who die from Master of the Mantra will no longer deny themselves - Mana Combustion now deals damage equal to 60% of the mana drained (decreased from 80%) - Mana Combustion no longer gives mana back to Magebane - Flash armor for allies lowered to 2/3/4/5 (from 7.5) and duration lowered to 7 seconds (from 10, for allies only)

Maliken: - Hellbourne Zeal now increased attack speed by 1.4 for every 1% health missing. No longer gives a chance to critically strike. - Possession now applies a temporary +20/40/60 Armor buff to Maliken for the first 2 seconds, which decreases to +0 armor over the next 5 seconds

Nymphora - Volatile Pod now deals Magic damage

Pandamonium - Flurry no longer Disjoints - Flurry now takes 0.45 seconds to finish (from 0.25) - Flurry applies +15/25/35/45% bonus damage (from +15/30/45/60%) - Flick now applies -2/-4/-6/-8 armor (from -3/-4/-5/-6) - Flick now has a range of 350 and does a mini-leap to target - Cannonball now deals an additional 25/50/75/100 Physical damage to any targets within the smaller stun radius - Cannonball can no longer be used while immobilized - Face Smash now grants +30/70/120% base damage (from +33/66/100%)

Predator - Stone hide now unpurgable (Again!)

PuppetMaster - Voodoo Puppet now does Superior Magic damage. The damage is reduced by Magic Armor but goes through Magic Immunity - Increased range on Puppeteer's Hold to 600 (from 500) - Puppet Show will now force the target to attack its allied heroes first. If no allied heroes are in range, then it will prioritize allied creeps. If no allied creeps are in range, then it'll force the target to attack the next unit that passes within a 250/300/350/400 radius. - Puppet Showed unit now has unitwalking - Whiplash will automatically remove one charge every 12/10/8/6 seconds. Attacking resets the count down, such that no charges will be automatically removed when auto-attacking.

Voodoo Jester - Acid Coctail's stun will not stun Magic Immune targets anymore

Wild Soul - BooBoo's Entangling Claws no longer disarms and cannot proc on Kongor

Zephyr - Wind Shield is now 8,12,16,20 (from 15,20,25,30) - Cyclones now spawns 2/4/6/8 Cyclones per level, but Cyclones last 50 seconds at all levels


- Fix a part of the Single Draft interface showing up in other modes - Fix the rate at which clients ping game servers

Version 0.1.47

General: - Single Draft game mode now displays your allied player's hero choices and hides the enemy player's hero choices - Updates to Fog of War to improve player ability to juke - Getting information on a player who is in game will display their current game time - Channeling spells will now break if the target and caster get too far away from each other - Can no longer teleport (with Post Haste) to pets. Includes couriers, defiler's ult, zephyr's tornadoes, and arachna's spider pet. - Shops are now larger and better! Outpost updated! Hurrah! - Fixed a bug stopping projectiles from being shot off the edge of the map (Stopped you from throwing an arrow towards the edge of the map, etc) - Non-damaging stuns now count for assists - Changed invisibility rune to not expire until you actually complete an attack - Ultimates that go through Magic Immunity are now tagged as Superior Magic - Regeneration from the Regen Rune now expires when you are full life and mana - Added new jukespots and new places you can buy from the secret shops on Caldavar - Tweaked Tower AI significantly - Heroes that cast targetted DoTs make those they target deniable by teammates when under 10%

  • Wretched Hag Haunt
  • Blacksmith Flaming Hammer
  • Slither Toxicity and Poison Spray
  • Hellbringer Death Boil
  • Blood Hunter Blood Crazy
  • Legionnaire Terrify
  • Demented Shaman Entangle
  • Voodoo Jester Mojo (main target only)

- Denying a hero no longer grants the deny-er gold

Items: - Crit percentage now properly shows up in the shop window - Removed cooldown from the Mana Potion and gave it a range so you no longer have to be inside a hero to cast it on them - Sacrificial Stone no longer gets charges from illusions - Can now disassemble charged hammer - Fixed Ring of the Teacher and Abyssal Skull to not stack auras - Doombringer now clears ownership when dropped on death - Brutalizer stun chance no longer stacks with itself - Kongor's Token of Life now expires after 10 minutes - Kongor's Token of Life is now binded to the owner when it is picked up. The item can be passed, but it will not trigger on death unless it is held by the owner. - Bottle now will automatically consume the rune it holds 2 minutes after picking it up, even if the bottle is passed to another - Astrolabe now heals magic immune units - Savage Mace is now back in the Combative Shop - Nullstone now blocks all single target abilities, not just Magic. Can also now trigger while stunned. - Nullfire Blade again does bonus damage based on the mana burned - Alchemist Bones recipe now takes 2x Gloves of the Swift and a recipe - Insanitarius no longer breaks channelling when turned on

- Steamboots

  • Recipe is now Marchers, Bolstering Armband/Fleetfeet/Apprentice's Robe, and a Major Totem. 1490 total.
  • 75 Movement Speed
  • +5 all stats
  • +5 stat of your choice, toggable

- Enhanced Marchers

  • Unchanged Recipe. 1500 total
  • 65 Movement Speed
  • +16 damage
  • 30 attack speed
  • Phased effect now lasts for 5 seconds with a 10 second cooldown
  • Using abilities while Phased will no longer remove the Phased Effect

- Flayer Removed

- Riftshards reworked

  • Takes a Punchdagger, Broadsword, and 950 recipe. 2650 total.
  • 950 recipe can be bought to upgrade the item 3 more times
  • +45/55/65/75 damage
  • 10/13/16/20% chance to crit
  • 1.8/2.0/2.2/2.4 crit damage

New item: Major Totem. - +4 all stats, 540 gold

- New Item: Nome's Wisdom

  • Takes a Ring of the Teacher, Great Arcana, and 325 recipe. 2500 total.
  • 6 int, 10 damage, 10 attack speed
  • +4 armor, +1 mana regen aura
  • Any heroes under the effect of the aura are healed for 25% of their mana costs when casting spells.

- New Item: Harkon's Blade

  • Located in the Morph Attack shop
  • Takes a Great Arcana, Acolyte's Staff, and 725 recipe. 5100 total.
  • 35 int, 25 damage, 10 attackspeed, 150% Mana Regen
  • Toggle item. When toggled on, attacks deal Magic damage instead of Physical. Drains 100 mana per attack and applies Harkon's Blade to the target
  • Harkon's Blade Debuff: Lowers Magic Armor by 5 for 6 seconds.

- Couriers learned some new tricks

  • Recipies now form on couriers
  • Neutrals will no longer attack them unless a courier stops moving on top of them
  • Added an ability to fly/run to you and drop all items you own onto your hero (Delivery)
  • Added an ability to fly/run back to the well (Homeward Bound)

-Behemoth's Heart Re-worked - Recipe the same, cost the same, still grants 35 strength and 300 health - Grants .75% regen to Strength heroes - Grants +10% to all damage done for Agility Heroes - Grants -15% cooldowns and +30 cast speed to Intelligence Heroes


Pandamonium - New Strength hero for the Legion - Flurry

  • Deals Physical damage equal to one attack with +15/30/45/60% base damage to targets infront of self. Self and targets are pushed forward 100 units. Each use of this ability consumes 1 charge. 1 charge is restored every 4 seconds. Maximum of 1,2,3,4 charges.

- Flick

  • Throws target unit behind Pandamonium. Upon landing, applies Flicked to target for 6 seconds.
  • Flicked: -6 armor and reduces movement speed by 20/30/40/50% initially, recovering to full speed over the duration.

- Cannon Ball

  • Throws Pandamonium toward target location over 0.95 seconds. Upon landing, damages enemies in a 400 radius for 75/125/175/225 Physical damage. Enemy units in a 200 radius are stunned for .75/1.25/1.75/2.25 seconds. Stuns Pandamonium for 1.5 seonds if no enemies are stunned.

- Face Smash

  • Channeling. Applies Face Smash to target for the duration of the channel. Deals one attack every second over the duration, for a total of 4 attacks. Each attack deals +33/66/100% base damage.

Accursed - Fixed Shield to refresh amount absorbed when it is recast on the same target - Sear now grants allies a buff again instead of just himself - Shield and Flame Consumption now remove stuns

Armadon - Armadillo now procs an extra spray faster

Behemoth - Movespeed increased from 290 to 300

Blacksmith - Recoded Frenzy to cast correctly on creeps - Added delays for the multicast impacts for Fireball - Want to know the last change? TOO BAD! IT'S ME, BLACKSMITH!

Blood Hunter - Fixed tooltips

Chronos - Bash damage can proc while the stun is on cooldown

Dark Lady: - Base strength increased from 18 to 22 - Base intelligence increased from 13 to 16, gain increased from 1.75 to 1.9 - Dark Blades cool down changed from 25 seconds to 26/22/18/14 seconds - Mana cost of Charging Strikes set to 75 at all levels. Each consecutive attack while charging will deal 15% less damage, reduced from 25% - Taint Soul slightly reworked:

  • Mana cost reduced from 90/110/130/150 to 35/45/55/65
  • Range increased from 1000 to 1200
  • Damage reduced from 75/125/175/225 to 60/90/120/150

- Cover of Darkness

  • Duration reduced from 6/9/12 to 4/6/8 seconds
  • Movement speed slow changed from 5% to 5%/10%/15%
  • Sight range set to 500 at all levels

Devourer - Hook range increased, touch radius decreased. Total range is now 1160. - Hook now brings your target next to the Devourer instead of 128 units away

Glacius - Ice Imprisonment now lasts 10 seconds on non-hero and non-pets.

Keeper of the Forest - Root can now hit magic immune units

Kraken - Splash is now Physical damage

Magebane Rework - Strength gain set to 1.6 per level - Mana Combustion

  • Now gives Magebane mana back equal to 1/4 of the mana burned

- Flash

  • Minimum blink range removed
  • Adds Magic Armor to allied heroes and self after blinking

- Spell Resistance

  • Removed

- Mana Rift

  • Tooltip fixed

- New Ability: Master of the Mantra (E)

  • Passive Aura
  • 600 Radius on all enemy heroes
  • -15/20/25/30 Cast Speed
  • Damaged for 35/50/65/80% of abilities and items manacost when cast

Maliken - Fixed splash damage when in Posession form - Increased base strength from 18 to 22, damage recuded by 4 to compensate - Can no longer teleport to his sword while Immobilized

Nymphora - Changed Nymphora's call to disjoint the target (to stop a predator from leaping across the map)

Ophelia - Ophelia's Touch will no longer heal wards - Fixed Ophelia's Judgment to always reference the well - Can no longer befriend the very large creatures of Newerth

Pebbles - Fixed Chuck (again!)

Pharaoh - Lowered his Aggro radius to 100 while inside his Wall of Mummies. Stops him getting pushed to the edge of the wall and being stuck there.

Plague Rider - Fixed tooltips - Fixed Cursed Shield to not debuff ranged units - Recoded Plague Carrier to function properly and increased speed to 522

Pollywog Priest - Fixed Electric Jolt (again!)

Predator: - Mana cost on terror reduced from 100/200/300 to 100/150/200

Puppetmaster - Added a stop command to Puppet Show to stop spells in midcast

Scout - Can no longer nail Kongor with Marksman Shot - Added an initial mana cost of 30 to Vanish - Disarm can no longer disarm a target within 4 seconds of them being disarmed. Disarm duration decreased from 3 seconds to 2 seconds. - Fixed a bug preventing certain items from expiring his invisibility

Soul Reaper - Fixed base damage to the proper amount - Judgment does not hit invisible units anymore - Demonic Execution damage is properly lowered by Magic Armor - Demonic Execution can no longer be used on Kongor - Withering Presence will no longer hurts wards - Soul Reaper now dies in a very impressive way

Succubus - Can no longer cast Smitten on Kongor. Kongor smash instead.

Voodoo Jester - Acid Cocktail will no longer bounce off runes or catapaults - Fixed Acid Cocktail from spawning two projectiles when the original target becomes invalid

Wild Soul - Changed BooBoo's entangle cooldown to 3 seconds - BooBoo is no longer stunned for longer then a hero

Wretched Hag - Sonar Scream cooldown is now 7 seconds - Bat Blast cone reworked, should be more accurate

Version 0.1.46

- Fixed a few tooltips - Fixed the towers to not be Easy Mode health in Non-Easy Mode games

Maliken - Fixed him to actually be playable

Plague Rider - Should no longer be a teapot if you do not play on High settings - Fixed Extinguish so it cannot target Malphas and BooBoo - Fixed Plague Carrier to not do AoE damage on impact - Plague Carrier should now continue to bounce in the fog

Scout - Fixed a bug causing Marksman Shot to deal damage equal to a percentage of current health rather than maximum health - The bonus attacks after coming out of vanish changed from 2/3/4/5 to 1/2/3/4

Soul Reaper - Fixed Execution so it is properly boosted by Staff of the Master - Added a popup number to Execution displaying the exact amount of damage done

Wild Soul - Fixed so he no longer applies Wild to the entire team

Version 0.1.45

General: - Server stability fixes - Buildings now have larger health bars - Toned down several AoE effects to clean up screen clutter:

  • Thunderbringer's Lightning Rod
  • Jeraziah's Sol's Blessing
  • Behemoth's Shockwave
  • Shaman's Storm Cloud
  • Valkyrie's Call of the Valkyrie
  • Pebble's Stalagmites
  • Nymphora's Volatile Pod

- Brighten a couple of Succubus' effects - Tweaked turning significantly - Fixed movement speed and magic immunity on Predasaurs - Tweaked the height of health bars - Fixed Enhanced Marchers effect on a few heroes - Streak window from kills upped to 18 seconds - FPS limit of 125 implemented (host_maxFPS to change) - SD random algorithm tweaked - ModNote: g_maxCameraDistance is no longer a cvar - Collision box of heroes should now move with them when leaping or channeling

Items: - Added Mana Battery to the Outpost - Removed the Blessed Orb from the Outpost - Changed Maliken's Sword Modes and Devourer's Decay to not give charges to Mana Battery or Power Supply - Fixed Iron Shield to not block damage from Pollywog's Wards or Defiler's Ultimate - Fixed Barrier Idol tooltip - Barrier Idol sound is no longer deafening - Fixed Frostwolf Skull to slow magic immune units - Supplies shop is now at the top of the shop window - Shieldbreaker now applies its state before damage is dealt (so the first attack deals full damage) - Helm of the Black Legion no longer blocks damage from Spirit Ward - Post Haste speed increased to 95 - Codex manacost reduced to 180/160/140/120/100 - Tablet of Command manacost reduced to 25 and cooldown decreased to 25 - Power Supply cost increased by 50 - Hellflower manacost reduced from 200 to 100 - Sustainer is now 125% Mana Regen - Mana Potion is now usable on allies - Charged Hammer no longer takes a Dancing Blade. Uses Warpcleft instead.

  • Goes from 35 Damage/Agility to 24 Damage and 70 Attack speed

- Elder Parasite attack speed increased from 75 to 100, move speed increased from 15 to 20, and amplified damage increased from 20 to 30 - Barrier Idol lost its armor and gained 2 Health Regen.

  • Barrier Idol can only affect a hero once every 50 seconds

- Stormspirit movement bonus increased to 25

  • Now takes a Scarab instead of an Apprentice's Robe

- Sacrifical Stone Reworked

  • +1 charge when a hero dies within 1000 units of you
  • 1 Mana Regen per charge
  • Loses half charges on death
  • Heals allies around you for 400+25xCharges and decreases gold loss by 25xCharges when you die
  • Respawn time is reduced by 3 seconds per charge when you die

- Behemoth's Heart reworked

  • 2% Health Regen while out of combat. Out of combat is 10 seconds after taking enemy hero damage
  • DoT damage does not count as combat damage

- Enhanced Marchers reworked

  • Now takes a Gloves of the Swift instead of a Ringmail
  • Goes from 16 damage, 70 movement, 5 armor to 12 damage, 60 movement, 30 attack speed

- Steamboots reworked

  • Now takes a Ringmail instead of a Gloves of the Swift
  • Recipe cost removed
  • Goes from 65 movement, 10 str/agi/int, 30 attack speed to 75 movement, 10 str/13 agi/16 int, 5 armor

- Added Recommended item shop at the top of the shop window

  • Lists recommended items that work well on the current hero

New Heroes - Plague Rider, Hellbourne Intelligence hero based off of Lich from DotA - Soul Reaper, Hellbourne Intelligence hero based off of Necrolyte from DotA

Heroes Accursed - Cauterize range reduced from 600 to 300

Andromeda - Fixed Andromeda stun projectile speed

Arachna - Arachna's spiderling is now easier to target and select - Web Shot will no longer trigger charges on Power Supply or Mana Battery - Movement speed reduced by 10

Armadon - Fixed story - Restless attack speed changed to bonus damage

  • 10/20/30 damage with 4/8/12 per charge

Behemoth - Shockwave now deals half damage from corpses

Blood Hunter - Base armor reduced by 2

Chronos - Time Freeze cooldown reduced to 1.5

Demented Shaman - Changed Demented Shaman's ultimate to set charges back to 0 if refreshed on the target

Devourer - Fixed hook to disable the target while they are traveling back to him

Electrician - Static Grip now breaks Sleep

Glacius - Fixed story

Hammerstorm - Improved Hammer Throw speed - Fixed Hammer Throw to have a 14 second cooldown - Base Agility increased from 16 to 21 - Renamed Battle Command - > Galvanize

  • Buffed the awesome- factor of this description by 200%

Kraken Remake - Drench

  • Removed

- Tsunami Charge

  • Manacost lowered to 90/100/110/120
  • Damage increased to 100/150/200/250

- Splash

  • Moved to ability slot 1 (Q)
  • Now an Attack Ability that has a 6/5/4/3 second cooldown
  • Damage and splash range the same

- Whirlpool

  • Changed the delay on casting Whirlpool from 6/5/4 to 4/5/6 seconds
  • The whirlpool may be manually triggered to teleport early. Cannot be triggered within 2 seconds of having cast whirlpool
  • Damage dealt to enemy units increased from 150/225/300 to 150/300/450
  • Enemy units caught in the whirlpool at time of teleport will have a debuff applied to them for 4 seconds that reduces movement speed by 20/30/40% and armor by 2/4/6
  • Cool down is now 150/135/120 (increased from 120 at all levels)

- New Ability: Tidal Pull

  • Ability slot 3 (E)
  • Decreases the movement speed of all enemies in a 300 radius by 7/14/21/28%

Legionnaire - Terrify duration reduced from 10/15/20/25 to 10/13/16/19. Total damage unchanged.

Magebane - Mana Rift AoE increased from 275 to 325 - Strength changed from 16 to 20 - Strength gain changed from 1.5 to 1.2

Maliken - Fixed textures when under the effect of Possession - Sword throw's Maim now scales with level, slowing by 20/30/40/50% (reduced from a flat 50% at all levels) - Life Essence no longer drains mana when attacking - Possession's cool down is now 100/80/60 seconds, changed from 90 seconds at all levels. - The splash damage granted by possession now scales with level:

  • 50/75/100% Splashed in a 75 AOE
  • 35/50/65% Splashed in a 200 AOE
  • 20/25/30% Splashed in a 350 AOE

- Maliken's flame sword modes can now be toggled without breaking channeling (such as home coming stones)

Magmus - Added a 250ms cast time to Magmus's Eruption - Steam Bath cooldown reduced from 40/35/30/25 to 40/30/20/10

Moon Queen - Moon Beam now has a .6 stun at all levels

Nymphora - Fixed Nymphora's Call tooltip to update to the proper channeling time - Fixed Grace of the Nymph effect to play on the target

Pebbles - Chuck cooldown reduced from 15 to 10

Pharaoh - Fixed Pharaoh' stats, attack time, and casting point. - Tormented Soul vision reduced to 10 seconds at all levels - Hellfire damage reduced from 20/40/60/80 to 10/30/50/70 - Wrath of the Pharaoh is now upgraded by Staff of the Master

Pollywog Priest - Voodoo Wards cooldown changed to 110 across all levels - Magical Bindings now break sleep

Predator - Attack impact point is now .39 (lowered) - Stone Hide is now instant and cannot be purged

Pyromancer - Base int increased by 5, base damage reduced by 5 (thus is unchanged)

Scout Remake - Attack impact point is now .43 (lowered) - Increased base strength from 17 to 20 - Lowered strength gain per level from 1.9 to 1.7 - Vanish

  • Now a toggle skill, with an upkeep cost of 3 mana per second
  • Toggling off Vanish will initiate a 24/18/12/6 second cool down
  • Attacking from Vanish will toggle it off and apply a +300 attack speed buff that lasts for 4 seconds or until 2/3/4/5 attacks are performed

- Electric Eye

  • The scout may now have 2/3/4/5 Electric Eyes active. Added a counter to the skill to keep track of how many eyes are active.
  • Electric Eyes now have a detonate skill, which causes them to silence targets in a 450 radius for 3/4/5/6 seconds
  • Silence from Electric Eyes goes through Magic Immunity
  • Added a sub- skill to Scout after learning Electric Eyes which allows him to detonate the closest Electric Eye without having to manually select it. This skill can be used while silenced and disabled.
  • Cool down of Electric Eyes reduced to 30 seconds at all levels, cool down of the new detonate skill set to 10s. Detonate has a global cool down on all electric eyes.
  • Vision granted by Electric Eyes reduced to 800

- Improved Dexterity

  • Removed

- Marksman Shot

  • Channel time reduced from 3.0/2.25/1.5 to 2.25/1.75/1.25
  • Cool down increased by 10 seconds at all levels (to 50/40/30 seconds)
  • The damage dealt is now equal to 250 plus 10/20/30% of the target's maximum hit points
  • The Wounded slow debuff now scales, from 40% at all levels to 20/30/40% movement speed slow

- New Ability: Disarm

  • Ability slot 3 (E)
  • Grants a 10/15/20/25% chance on attack to disarm your target for 3 seconds, preventing it from attacking
  • Deals +25/50/75/100% bonus damage with the disarming attack

Succubus - Succubus' Hold mana cost increased from 100/175/250 to 200/300/400

Thunderbringer - Base Agility decreased from 15 to 11 - Base Agility gain decreased from 1.7 to 1.2

Valkyrie - Call of the Valkyrie random chance to hit removed

Voodoo Jester: - Acid Cocktail manacost changed to 110/120/130/140 - Increased the speed of the initial projectile on Acid Cocktail from 600 to 650 - Decreased the speed of the bouncing projectile on Acid Cocktail from 600 to 450 - Reworked Mojo 1. Applies Good Mojo to an allied unit, Bad Mojo to an enemy unit

  • Good Mojo now heals allied units in a 340 radius around the main target for 10/20/30/40 Health per second
  • Bad Mojo now damages enemy units in a 340 radius around the main target for 10/20/30/40 Magic damage per second

2. Increased mana cost of Mojo from 90,110,130,150 to 110,135,160,185 3. Mojo's cool down changed from 24 seconds to 24/21/18/15 seconds

War Beast - War Beast's Ultimate now has no cast time

Wild Soul - Changed significantly

  • Bear now has an inventory from level 1
  • Wild now affects both Wildsoul and BooBoo at the same time
  • Bear form now grants Battle Cry at all levels of Bear Form
  • Bear's root damage increased to 60 damage per second

Wretched Hag - Haunt cooldown decreased to 20/17/14/11 - Sonar Scream cooldown decreased from 10 to 7

Zephyr - Switched primary attribute to Agility

  • Intelligence gain per level reduced from 3.0 to 1.9
  • Agility gain per level increased from 1.8 to 2.7

- Lowered mana cost of Wind Control by 50 at all levels

Version 0.1.44

- - Fixed french translation files - Fixed Maliken's flame sword mode

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